Sweet Paper Treats featured today on Crafts Corners!

Hey all! I’m working on a post about random stuff, plus a peek into my craft space, but I wanted to just pop in here real quick and let you know that I’m being featured today on the Craft Corners blog in a feature that they call The Best of the Web.

This is a little blurb about Craft Corners that I pulled off their web:

Craft Corners is like a little workshop with corners for stitching, handmade jewelry, recycled crafts and ideas for home & garden or your art and design projects.  We also like to help you prepare unique decoration for special events such as birthday, wedding or other family celebrations. Anything made of fabric, wood, plastic, glass, metal can be turned into something amazing.  Our team is a bunch of craft loving do-it-yourselfers who like to come up with their own creations. We happily welcome guest bloggers to write about their favorite crafts.

I’m honored to have been asked to have my blog featured and to be among so many fantastic blogs! Thanks, Crafts Corners! Go check it out here!!

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