a little organizing

What I did yesterday…

Organizing all my Market Street Stamps.

My current method of arranging all my clear stamps in a large plastic container was no longer working for me.  Not only was I out growing it as my stamp collection continued to expand, but I always had to take out ALL my Market Street Stamps in order to find the right ones whenever I worked on a project.  Plus, the clear envelopes were beginning to tear from sliding the stamp sets in and out so much.

I’ve been meaning to find a better solution for a while, and yesterday I finally took the plunge.  I think I’m really going to like it! I used the Martha Stewart binders and pocketed sheet protectors.  I did have to cut down a few of the image sheets and clear sheets the stamps come on to make them fit, but most of them fit just fine the way they were.  I filled up one entire binder just with Market Street Stamps and will need a second one. Then I need to start on my clear stamps from other companies, but I wanted to do my Market Street Stamps sets first since those are the ones I use the most.

I think I will purchase some little velcro dots to place on the pocket flaps to keep them closed better.  I’d like them to be a bit more secure.  But, oh my!  It makes me so happy to see all of these stamps sets arranged so nicely all in one place and I can page through them and really see what I have quickly.  It inspires me!  In fact, I’m off to stamp!

How do you organize your stamps?  Got a great solution to share?

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4 thoughts on “a little organizing

  1. Miriam prantner says:

    Great way to organize your stamps! I have some little bins from IKEA that I keep most of mine in, but I wish I had a better way of categorizing, I do a lot of flipping….

  2. lilypadsis says:

    It looks great! Thanks for the idea about using velcro dots. I’ve recently moved my clear stamps in to binders also and found that some of the larger sets weren’t as secure as I’d like them to be. My dh shared some of his sports card page protectors with me and they’re perfect for the small dollar sets.

  3. karenladd says:

    Great way to organize them! I also have outgrown my stamp system (I use clear plastic shoeboxes to store them and I have to pull everything out to see what I have!). One thing I need to do though, is to sort and organize by theme. I need to make dividers for those boxes…and see if that helps! I have all my loose unmounted rubber stamps in binders organized by theme…but my stamp sets are just crammed into those boxes! Yikes…not a good system!

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