Hey everyone! It’s time to get sneaky!! And by sneaky, I mean in a good way! It’s the time of month where we begin to share with you some glimpses of the new Market Fresh paper crafting kits!

I really, really love creating with these kits. There’s something I love about sitting down and creating projects with just the items that come in the kit and and adding as little else as possible. It’s kind of like a challenge, of sorts, and it stretches me to get creative with just a select grouping of items. Of course, you wouldn’t have to do that with your kits. You’re free to use whatever other products you’d like in addition to the items that come in the kits, but if you’re looking to stretch yourself creatively I urge you to just try it and see what happens!

Just a note: The chipboard alphabet stickers you see me use here were originally what was going to be included in this kit, but they were discontinued. So the kit will include a different, but similar, package of alphabets. Here are the pages I made this month:

Handfull: (yes, I know that “handful” should only have one “L”. I changed it now 🙂 ( is my friend)

Journaling reads: looking at these photos…oh my! Where to start? At three years of age you were a spunky, sassy, full of energy, handful of a little girl! Just by looking at that photo on the left I can see the sassy spunkiness coming out! I remember trying to keep my eye on you as you dipped your toes into Grandpa’s pond. You had no fear. No awareness of danger. Yet you seemed to know you were freaking me out and were enjoying it! And the photo on the left. Aaghh!! It just makes me laugh so much! Your crooked helmet and knee pads that you so proudly put on all by your little independent self. To ride your trike, no less. Note how proud of yourself you look! Both of these photos were taken at totally random times two months apart. But i love how they both show so well what you were like at age 3. 

I kept the background muted and added some pops of color with the pink embellishments. I like how they add a “spunky” flair to the page to tie in with the subject.

All items used are from the kit with the exception of the small amounts of white card stock.


Going boyish with this one, just to show you some versatility. I used a lot of the label stickers here and punched stars out of some of the patterned papers.

I outlined the chipboard letters with a black marker to help them stand out more and be more readable.

Not much journaling was necessary on this one, so the small label stickers and the journaling piece trimmed from one of the patterned paper sheets provided ample room for my few sentences. Again, the only non-kit item I used here was the sheet of white card stock. (I’m partial to white card stock)

Amazing reader:

I’m fully aware that I may be just slightly insane for hand stitching all those circles. I’ll admit it. But when I get an idea in my head it’s almost impossible to let it go. When I started this layout I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but as I shuffled things around nothing seemed to quite satisfy me. I left it go planning to work on it more the next day. That night as I fell asleep this idea just popped into my head. POW! Just like that! And I just had to do it. That doesn’t happen extremely often, but I love it when it does. Because most times those POW ideas are just what I need at the time. And I learned that when they happen I should just run with it. And when I got into the rhythm of it, the stitching wasn’t all that bad, actually.

And my stitches are far from perfect. Some of the stitches are downright crooked. But I just covered the most crooked ones up with my journaling strips! That’s my little secret. When something doesn’t turn out right, just cover it up! But I guess now it’s no longer a secret, huh? Hee! You know, they say there are no mistakes. Just opportunities for embellishments. I think I agree!

The little yellow alphabet stickers do not come with the kit. I added them because I needed something smaller to go along with my larger title letters. I also added a little white card stock (of course) and the embroidery floss used for the stitching. Everything else is included in the kit.

I’ll be sharing the sneak peeks of cards I made with this kit tomorrow, so be sure to stop back then.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think of the kit so far!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Sneaky!

  1. Amy baldwin says:

    These layouts are spectacular Brenda! I love the colors in the kit, so pretty! Great added touch with all the stitched circles. I am sure it took a long time, but totally worth it!

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