little bits of love…

Valentine’s Day. It’s almost here! I love seeing all the heart-themed, love-inspired crafts people make this time of year. We’re not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day here at our house, except for the few fun treats I buy for the kids throughout the month. Just because I love any excuse to do something a little special for them. Eric and I usually buy each other a card. Sometimes a small gift, but we aren’t big on the commercial side of the holiday. After all, shouldn’t love be demonstrated and celebrated each day of the year? But then again, I suppose one could voice that same argument for Christmas. And I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. I guess Valentine’s day just never caught on as much around here. Maybe I should be the one to change that. After all, in the midst of every day living, sometimes I forget to adequately show my husband and kids how much they really mean to me. And I guess Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to take the time to shower love on the people we care about and let them know that they rock our world!

I could bake some cupcakes, or buy some from my favorite cupcake shop. And stick some fun little love notes on top! We love cupcakes!



Or I could write a mushy message of love on the bathroom mirror with lip stick (for Eric, of course. The kids would think that’s gross!).

I could tuck little love notes in their lunch boxes or briefcase.

I could scatter tiny hearts everywhere for them to find!


I could give an extra dose of hugs and kisses, like I did this morning. Or squish their cheeks and tell them they’re amazing and loved beyond measure.

Or take the time to do some fun crafts with them, like making some Valentine cards to hand out to class mates.

Or buy a bag of conversation hearts and place them in strategic places!

How about a bottle of your favorite wine to share with your spouse sometime after the kids have been tucked in bed. Cuddling along with the wine is really nice too.

Now I’m really excited for February to get here!  How about you? How do you celebrate this month of love?

Hearts and pennants are new items in my shop.

Thanks for stopping by!





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