12 Cards for Christmas- card #8

Moving right along! Time for card #8 to make it’s debut.

This card uses a few pieces of patterned paper scraps found in my stash. Most of which I’ve had for quite a long time and don’t even know who makes some of them. I know we all have scraps waiting to be used up. Why not dig through them and see what you can find to use on a Christmas card? It doesn’t necessarily have to be paper specifically designed for Christmas. Only one of the the three patterned paper scraps I used was originally part of a Christmas collection. Looking through your scraps is a great way to discover interesting combinations of colors and patterns.

The wise men follow the star to find the baby Jesus. Bringing Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

This time, tell me about the most memorable gift you received as a child.

I just answered this question a few days ago on someone else’s blog, so I’ll tell it here again. As a child we didn’t do a lot of gift giving. Not only was money tight, but we just didn’t celebrate the commercial gift giving aspect of Christmas. Any gifts we might have received were small. But that was OK. We enjoyed Christmas anyway, and now I tend to think we spend too much on Christmas. But that’s another topic. My siblings and I would exchange names and buy each other a small gift. I don’t remember most of the gifts I got, except for the year my older brother had my name for Christmas. He bought me a ballerina Barbie doll all on his own. Shopped for it himself and everything. I had been wanting a Barbie doll for a long time and was delighted to finally get one. I spent many hours playing with that doll and I still have it today. Now my daughter plays with it.

Now tell me your story!

also used on this card:
card stock: Stampin’ Up! (retired Cool Caribbean. Papertrey Ink’s Aqua Mist would be a great substitute)
various patterned paper scraps
hemp twine

4 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #8

  1. Karen B. says:

    Fantastic use of that Skipping Stones set! I received a fake portable barbie doll house one year, and my twin and I actually shared it quite well. I think that is why it was so memorable.

  2. Faith says:

    Love the camel stamp. Most memorable gift…a cross necklace Eric gave me when we were dating. He couldn’t have picked a more perfectly suited piece of jewelry in style, etc.

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