12 Cards for Christmas- card #7

This next one is another one that was pretty easy to put together. But it was a really fun one to make as well.

I may have squealed a little when I saw how great those patterned papers from Authentique worked for “upholstering” my little chairs. Hehe! I talk to myself sometimes when I’m crafting and I’m pretty sure this time I kept saying “so cute”!! I actually wouldn’t mind having some real chairs like this!

These chairs remind me of a family pulling up chairs around the table to savor a delicious Christmas dinner together. I imagine that the table is set with the best china on a pretty tablecloth. Tall taper candles make a decorative centerpiece as the soft flames flicker and dance. The silver gleams. The napkins are folded with care. And the aromas of the lovingly prepared meal waft over the entire house. Sounds pretty Norman Rockwell-ish, doesn’t it? But nice.

Do you make any special holiday foods for your family? Tell me about your special holiday foods. Do you cook a special meal? Perhaps on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Do you go all out or keep things simple? Maybe you make an heirloom family recipe each year. I’d love to hear all about it!

We normally spend Christmas Eve here at our house with just Eric and I and our children. I cook a meal that’s a little special, but not too fussy. I don’t want to spend hours cooking. We set the table with our best china that we rarely ever use and light some candles. Eric and I might have a glass of wine and there will be sparkling grape juice for the kids. A special dessert is called for if I’ve had time that day to prepare one. The little things are what makes this time of year so special. And sharing it with people we love makes it even more so.

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4 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #7

  1. Karen Sauder says:

    My mom always made Baked Ham for Christmas Eve and we would have Hot Ham Sandwiches, Jello Salad, Veggies, etc. Because we have assorted large dinners, if we’re home for Christmas Eve or Christmas, I tend to go easy…chili or lasagna. 🙂

  2. Faith says:

    Cute chairs! We make some traditional scandinavian sweets(spellings change depending on which scandinavian country you’re from. My spellings are a mix of norway and sweden b/c that’s where my grandparents are from): krumkake, pepakaga, ris grot, suncaga, a swedish coffee braid w/ cardamom as the main flavor, etc.

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