12 cards for Christmas- card #6

This next card brings you a quick and easy and no fuss design. Great for the times when you a short on time or would like to mass produce a design for sending out to lots of people on your list.

Just some trees stamped repeatedly on the card base to make an interesting background. A sentiment strip, a tiny bit of twine, and some subtle misting are all this card needs.

It’s really hard to see the mist in the photos on such a light colored background, but it’s there and I love the way it looks in person. To me it looks like big blobby flakes of snow. Just the way I like my real snow!

This time, comment here and tell me about your Christmas tree. Is it a live tree or an artificial one? What do you love about your tree or the process of decorating it? Have you gotten yours up yet?

We have a real tree. It’s part of our Christmas tradition to pack the family up to go out to the farm to trudge around and pick out our tree. It’s such a fun time and a family tradition that we all love! We haven’t gotten ours yet, but we plan to go out later today.

Also used:
stamp: TPC Studios

6 thoughts on “12 cards for Christmas- card #6

  1. Karen Sauder says:

    That looks easy enough that even I could make it. 🙂

    We have a real tree…we do not seek out the “perfect” tree though so it has some personality. 🙂 And all the ornaments migrate towards the top and out of reach of little boys….but we love it anyway!

  2. Sharon H says:

    Tree? More like trees and how about four of them, all artificial die to allergies. My husband LOVES to decorate AND collect Hallmark ornaments, so we outgrew one, then two, then three trees!

  3. Faith says:

    Usually it is a small fake one and some years we do get a real one depending on how we can arrange our living room. This year, real is going to come in the form of 3 small trees to put in pots on our windowsill in that lime green color! Love this card. Ties for favorite with number 2.

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