12 Cards for Christmas- card #4


Moving on to card #4.

This ones pretty much on the neutral side. it’s a little rustic looking, but yet not. The glittery silver leaves add elegance.


The tiny envelope could be used for holding a small item. Mine’s empty, but wouldn’t it be fun to tuck a gift card, tickets, or a special note inside for the recipient? Just make sure they know it’s in there!


Some yummy twine and a big old thrifted button finish up this pretty package.

Speaking of packages, do you enjoy gift wrapping? Comment here for a chance at the prize kit and tell me about your Christmas presents. do you wrap them all up ahead of time and place them under the tree to enjoy for a while? Or do you wait to go into a wrapping frenzy on Christmas Eve? Do you prefer an easy  bow, or do you like to take time making each package look extra special?

I try to wrap all my gifts ahead of time. We love to have them under the tree as long as possible and try to guess what might be in each one. I love to make my packages look pretty, but sometimes I run out of time and so a simple bow does just fine. And I love wrapping gifts! Can’t wait to start!


Also used on this card:
patterned paper: Basic Grey, Kaiser Kraft
leaf: Michael’s

4 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #4

  1. Karen Sauder says:

    Love this card! Anyway, I usually wrap them ahead of time…but I don’t put them under the tree…to many little hands. Before I had kids, though, I always put them under as I wrapped them.

  2. Karen B. says:

    Ooh, what a nice card, I just made one too with a gift pocket on the outside. Love the silver glitter touch too. You asked about gifts. I usually don’t go all out, just straight wrapping paper and a sticky tag and that is it for me! I procrastinate too, but usually not as late as Christmas Eve.

  3. Sharon H says:

    What a lovely card! I love how that twine jazzes it up! We don’t put gifts under the tree now due to all the four-legged furries who love to open presents and eat bows. I still enjoy making fancy bows with the curling ribbon. This year I’ll also try making bows out of upcycled magazines and catalogs.

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