12 Cards for Christmas- card #2

We’re going soft and much, much more subtle with this next card in the line up! Grey is always a favorite color of mine, and lately I’ve been loving it paired with plum. Grey goes well with almost any color for Christmas. It reminds me of ice and snow and lends a cooler tone to your projects.

A flower punched from vellum takes the frosty look a bit farther. Finish it off with clear gem brads and silver cord for a card that is wintry looking indeed!

So, speaking of winter, for this post, comment and tell me about your winter. Do you live in an area that gets snow, or is it warm year ’round? Maybe you lived in a snowy area in the past. Tell me about it. What’s the most memorable snow fall you’ve ever experienced? Maybe you’ve never really experienced snow and you wish you could. I’d love to hear about your snowy experiences.

I’ve had a lot of fun snow experiences. Living here in PA we get a really good blizzard every now and then. The winter that Eric and I were engaged to be married in the spring we had a HUGE snowstorm! I don’t remember the exact amount of accumulation, but I remember the roads had to be dug out because they were too deep to plow. We lived by a heavily traveled route that was down to one narrow lane with a wall of snow much higher than my head on either side. I’m sure there are some of you who are accustomed to snow like that on a regular basis, and maybe even a lot more. Now it’s your turn to share!

Leave your comment for your chance to win the prize kit.

This card also uses:
silver cord: Stampin’ Up! (no longer available)

5 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #2

  1. Jolene Keller says:

    Brenda, I remember missing that snow storm as I was in Russia and felt left out. The most memorable for me was the 26 inches of snow we got over President’s day weekend in 2003. I remember praying I wouldn’t go into labor early until it stopped snowing. It stopped snowing at noon that monday and my water broke at 2:30. Dale had just cleared the car so we could get out and was hoping to come in after 6 hours of shoveling (snow blower broke) to take a shower. It took awhile to find someone that could come take care of Brandon. then headed to the hospital. What should have taken us 15 minutes took us 45 and were the only car on the road. We passed lots of snowmobiles though. Benjamin Matthew Keller arrived at 8:01 that night.

  2. Sharon H says:

    This card makes me sigh because it is so peaceful. I might have to make one like it just to stare at!

    My most memorable snow story is when I drove our 69 Buick Wildcat (they don’t make powerhorses like that anymore, so she’s parked in our garage now) through a blizzard returning from my husband’s grandma’s funeral. It was the longest white-knuckle 6 to 8 hour trip, but that baby stayed right on the road literally plowing through 2 to 3 or more feet of snow. I dodged 18 wheelers that had gone off the roads and at times just closed my eyes and prayed as I drove through white-out conditions. Funny thing is, I was driving while hubby tried to sleep because he thought he had to work that night. When we returned to town they told him he could have taken funeral leave!

  3. Karen Sauder says:

    Well, since we live relatively close to you…you know our weather. 🙂 I remember a snowstorm when Randy & I were dating that closed everything down…but I think those 2 storms within a week the other year was most memorable recently.

  4. Faith says:

    This is my favorite card. I think I would just put it out to look at and not send to anyone. Weather….every year its different with the amount of snow, but it is definitely always cold.

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