12 Cards for Christmas- card #10

Time for the next card in our lineup. Here’s card #10.

From here we’re going to go a bit shabby chic. A little vintage.

A neutral color scheme accented with glass glitter and beautiful vintage seam binding. This card is my husband’s favorite. Probably because of the reindeer.

Vintage and timeless. Things that have been around for a while. Like traditions. Tell me about your Christmas family traditions! Is there something special you have been doing for years and years and it holds special meaning to you? Perhaps a tradition passed down from your parents? Maybe a special event you attend every year. Or a special routine or way of doing things?

I love traditions! Since we didn’t celebrate Christmas in a big way when I was a child, Eric and and I had to start our own. Sometimes you don’t know which activities will become traditions until years later and you realize it’s an integral part of your Christmas celebration and the season just wouldn’t be the same without it.
Some traditions we’ve begun with the children is reading the Christmas story every year from the book of Luke before we open gifts. Another is the cut out cookies I do every year with the children. We’ve been making them every year now since the boys were very small and they would never let the Christmas season go by without making our cut outs. We have a lot of fun rolling, baking, frosting, and decorating our cookies and I have no doubt it’ll be a tradition they’ll remember for years to come and maybe even share with their own children.
Of course, there are more traditions we’ve begun, but that’s just two of them we love. Will you share yours?

also used:
glass glitter: Melissa Frances
paper doily

3 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #10

  1. Karen B. says:

    This is my favorite of all twelve cards! Love the vintage feel. My boys enjoy hot cocoa from a Santa mug during the holidays, the same as I did when I was little.

  2. Sharon H says:

    I love the vintage look!

    We used to make rolled, cut and decorated sugar cookies every year until our daughter got married. Now I’d say decorating the trees together is our empty nest tradition!

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