Happy Sweet Snowmen

On Friday I had to do some shopping for Eric who was going on a fishing trip this weekend. While I was out I picked up some  mini powdered sugar donuts thinking that the kids and I could make these together sometime this weekend.

Aren’t they cute? I have these little guys saved on one of my Pinterest boards and they’re from this website. I knew the kids would love them and I figured with their dad gone this weekend we might need something fun to have on hand as a sanity saver. 🙂

Well, as it turned out, on Friday Chloe got off the bus almost in tears over something that hurt her feelings. We’ve been having lots of opportunities to talk about relationships and getting along with others and being kind, even when others aren’t, and also working through how sometimes we misunderstand the intentions of others and we get our feelings hurt sometimes when others don’t intend to hurt our feelings in the first place.

Girls are SO much more dramatic than boys! When her brothers hear her sad tales of woe, they tend to just shrug it off as no big deal and they’re like “mom, it really wasn’t that bad!”. Yep, she’s dramatic, that one! I have NO idea where she gets that from! (wink) I’m not sure if her hurt feeling were warranted or not, could very well be possible that someone was indeed being mean on purpose. I have no way of knowing. I’m trying to help her understand that she’s going to have to deal with mean people all her life and that we can’t control them, but we can control how we will respond. Such deep issues for a six year old to grasp!

Anyway, long story short, Friday seemed like a good day for a special treat instead of saving it for another day. I thought I’d share them here in case you all would like to make these with your little ones. They’re super easy to make. The website says to use black frosting, but I thought that might be unnecessarily messy and I didn’t have any black frosting on hand. So we used mini chocolate chips instead and it worked great!

You’ll need mini powdered donuts.

Some candy corn and some mini chocolate chips, or black frosting.


Eeek! So cute!!!

And the smiles returned to my little girl’s face!

This one doesn’t like candy corn, but he likes donuts! He hates when I take silly face photos of him and always says “Delete it!!”, but I say, if that’s all you’re gonna give me I have no other choice!

This one LOVES donuts, and candy corn, and any other sweet thing. He’s got one MAJOR sweet tooth! I don’t even know how many donuts he ate, but I then again, I wasn’t counting. This time.

We had fun, and it made the kids smile, which was my intention. Score!

Hope your weekend is happy!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Happy Sweet Snowmen

  1. Michele Gross says:

    OMG! I want to make these!! How fun 🙂 Thanks for sharing the idea 🙂 I’m sorry she got her feelings hurt, girls can be very very mean. These happy little treats just had to cheer her up though 🙂

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