Be You

Hiya, folks!
How was your weekend? Hope it was fabulous.

Mine was OK. It started off as a downer. Sorry about the “poor me” grumpy post. Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine and I won’t pretend it is. Although sometimes it’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones who have bad days sometimes, it happens to everyone, maybe next time I’ll spare you the drama. My weekend ended up pretty good, all things considered.

Church yesterday was good. Had a great guest speaker. Bought some of his books that I can’t wait to start reading.
My boys spent the afternoon with some friends which left just Chloe and me to spend the day together. We took a short nap, rather, I did, before we headed out to some of her favorite spots. The park was first on the list followed by the pet store and Barnes & Noble. It was so fun to spend time with just my girl again. Something we haven’t really done much of since she started school. I miss that. In fact, I was reminded that I really would like to get back into going on “mommy dates” with the kids again. I love the chance to get to spend time with each child one on one. It gives me a chance to really see into my children’s hearts better and for them to have a chance to really just be the focus of my attention.

I made this page a while ago. I took this photo of my son, Isaiah, beside the wood pile at Grandma’s house. It seemed fitting to use some wood grain elements on this page.
I love the wood grain embossed card stock from Core’dinations. I’d like to get me some more of that. I think it makes a great subtle background. Plus, I’m still crazy about all things wood grain. Will I ever tire of it? Wood grain and chevron are two of my very favorite patterns right now.

Added pops of blue. Reminds me of the way my son’s blue eyes seem to pop right out of the picture. Every time I post a photo of him I almost feel like I have to tell you that his eyes really are that blue. I don’t even own photoshop, and I don’t do any adjustments to the eyes in the photos. He has my dad’s amazing blue eyes, although my dad’s are darker. Almost like blueberries.

The tag was one I made myself. Just some blue mist on a manila shipping tag, layered with some stamping on canvas fabric stitched onto the tag.

I’ve been working on some things that I’m hoping to get put up in the shop today. Let me share a tiny peek at what’s to come.

I don’t want to show you the entire thing yet because I’m working on showing you some ideas for using them. I hope to get the chance to work on it today, in between doing laundry and other household chores.

On a totally unrelated note. My kids crack me up sometimes. Yesterday, while spending time with Chloe, she make me smile several times. Watching her dart across the playground like a butterfly, made me smile.
When we caught a quick dinner at McDonald’s before going to pick up her brothers, this was our conversation:
Chloe: Mom, why did you ask for “two small fries”? We got a lot of fries!
Me: Well, I meant “two small orders/packages” of fries.
Chloe (thinking): well, when I’m grown up, and I order french fries, I’m going to order two small “packages” of fries, not “two small fries”.

Then, while traveling in the car she was coming up with all kinds of “would you rather” scenarios. “Would you rather get bitten by a king cobra, or by a lion?”, etc. Our conversation:
Chloe: would you rather get eaten by a shark or a lion?
Me: Neither! I don’t want to get eaten by anything!
Chloe: You like living, don’t you?
Me: u-huh!
Chloe: Me too! I like living! I love life!!

Good to know! hee! Cracks me up!

Hope your day is fabulous!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Also used in this project:
Patterned paper: Making Memories, 7Gypsies
embellishments: Chatterbox
manila tag: office supply store

3 thoughts on “Be You

  1. Diane says:

    Brenda, I’m way behind on reading your blog and I am so happy that I backtracked and go to read this post. It cracks me up so much!! Chloe is a treasure! (of course, so are your boys).

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