This boy…

This boy…is about to join the junior youth group. Yikes!
This boy…is so incredibly smart and talented.
This boy…is a perfectionist and very detail oriented.
This boy…is really fun to be around.
This boy…is a foodie. Food is a good way to his heart.
This boy…is extremely thoughtful and caring. Especially towards his mom and little sister.
This boy…is very small for his age, but he doesn’t let that stop him.
This boy…gets his entrepreneur spirit from his dad, and his creative mind from his mom.
This boy…is a natural born leader.
This boy…is changing into a young man right before my eyes.

This boy makes his momma’s heart proud! He’s a great kid and I’m so glad he’s mine.

I used shipping tags that I misted with brown mist, some stickers from Cosmo Cricket, rub-ons from Basic Grey, and some other embellishmenst that come from I-don’t-remember-where-because-I’ve-had-them-in-my-stash-so-long! Plus, there’s also a little bit of misting going on in the background.

I am in love with that blue chevron print paper. I must get more. But I cut the strip off the side that says who manufactures it, and now I can’t remember where it’s from. Can anybody help a girl out? Tell me who makes this gorgeous blue chevron paper!
I don’t normally use an entire sheet of patterned paper as my background because I don’t usually like that much pattern. But this one’s subtle enough, I think, and I liked the way it looked. And the color is just perfect. It’s just the right shade of blue to almost be neutral, if you know what I mean. It can go with just about anything.

I trust you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend (my American Friends), and a super weekend if you’re from somewhere besides the United States. We took a weekend trip to the beach with my brother and his family. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time. I was sad to say goodbye to the beach for another year. I seriously think I could live at the beach. Really. I love it so much! I must convince hubby to take me somewhere warm and tropical once the cold weather sets in so I can get my sand and surf fix.

Thanks so much for stopping in today, my lovely readers! I hope you week is going splendidly!

6 thoughts on “This boy…

  1. Donna S says:

    What you had to say about your son is absolutely beautiful and very inspiring for any mother!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Have a wonderful day!!

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