We’re having a party!!

Yes, we are! But not today.
Today’s my baby girl’s last day to be five years old! How in the world did that happen so fast???
Last night we were messing with her a bit when I told her that I’m pretty sure we messed up somewhere and she’s really only turning five, not six. She looked incredulous, indignant, and half amused all at once! Then she said “Mom, stop teasing me!” and buried her face in the bed and I quickly reassured her that she is, in fact, turning six, and yes I was teasing. Like I always do. I’m such a meanie sometimes!

Hubby did manage to persuade her that we have quite enough scooters around here and that we really don’t need a new pink one. She decided an Easy Bake Oven would be a good birthday present too. I hope she doesn’t look in the car today because that happens to be my hiding place for the new pink scooter!

Tomorrow is the first day of Kid’s Camp with our church and this is the first year she gets to go. On her birthday at that! She’s so excited! Says she won’t be homesick at all. We’ll see.

Since tomorrow’s booked already we’re postponing her party till next week. I made some cute little invitations to send out and thought I’d share them here with you today.

These invitations are very small, measuring only 4 1/4″ x 2″. The reason they’re so small is because it’s going to be a “teeny tiny” party. I’ll share more details about that after the party.
The party information is typed out inside in a teeny tiny font. Big enough to read, of course. But smaller than normal.

There will be fun banners…

and cupcakes.

And we’re for sure going to celebrate the big 6.

There will be games…

And party hats.

Fun decorations…

and friends.

And presents too!

And I have just one week left to get it all ready! Yikes! But, oh, I do love a great party. And turning six years old is a great reason to celebrate. Don’t you think?

Party on!

5 thoughts on “We’re having a party!!

  1. Susie Marks says:

    Love it Brenda! Your creativity amazes me! You remember that chore board thingy you did? My frame still sits bare. Actually considered asking you if you’d like to decorate it for me! Any interest in that area, let me know 🙂 – Susie

  2. Diane says:

    Brenda, these are very cute! Tell Chloe that I said “Happy Birthday” (even thou she won’t know me LOL)

  3. Amy Baldwin says:

    These invitations are absolutely fantastic! Too, too cute! I love that they are all different. I know the party will be super adorable. I can’t wait to see pictures of the event! A child’s birthday is a huge celebration…definitely a perfect time to go all out for their party! I wish your little one a Happy 6th!

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