Laugh and giggle- inspired by Lily Bee

Hey there blog land friends! How’s your week been going so far?

We’re still in the adjustment stages around here. I’m having a bit of a hard time finding a new normal routine. Having all the kids home has been fun, though. They only get bored every once in a while. I’m trying to find enough chores for them to do so that they keep themselves occupied longer so playtime is more fun, but there’s only so many chores that need doing around here.
The garden’s already been weeded. The windows have been washed. Both vehicles have been cleaned inside and out. Hopefully I can think up enough to keep us going all summer long!

I’ve been doing tiny bits of paper crafting in between all the busyness. I finished this page yesterday.

This page was inspired by this page I found a while ago here on the Lily Bee blog.

I liked the easy layout of this design with the grid of photos and patterned papers. It’s a great way to work in a lot of tiny little extras here and there.

I’m happy that I used a few older items such as the stencil ambersand and the giggle rub-on that I’ve had for years. Does anyone else still have those rub-ons? I think they were from Making Memories and they came on a big sheet with some really big words. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I still like them although I think the fonts are a bit outdated. My kids won’t care!

We’ve been doing some fun things too, this week. It hasn’t been all work. In fact it’s been mostly play.

We went strawberry picking. Yummo!

We spent an afternoon at the lake and it was blissful. The public schools are still in session, so it wasn’t crowded at all. It was quiet and peaceful and the epitome of a lazy summer day.

We’ve been vegging on the sofa giggling over countless episodes of Mr. Bean. I laugh just listening to the kids laugh. Hah!

We made sidewalk chalk paint.

The kids loved it. it kept them busy for quite a while. They would have played longer but we ran out of cornstarch. We’ll be making more.

We made, or rather the kids did, a homemade water slide out of a huge tarp and the garden hose. And had a water gun fight. the kids, I mean. Not me. I just took pictures. They knew I was off limits as long as I had my camera in my hands.

We tried our hand at making friendship bracelets. I remember making these as a kid and loving it, so I couldn’t wait to teach my kids how to do it too.
We loaded up with lots of embroidery floss in all kinds of fun colors.

Let’s just say the kids didn’t catch on quite as quickly as I expected them to. To me it seems easy, but maybe it’s just the way my mind operates. My kids couldn’t wrap their heads around the process at all and gave up before they finished. I ended up finishing Chloe’s because I was having fun and because I was secretly hoping that seeing a finished one would spur my boys on the finish theirs, in spite of all the mistakes they had made along the way. Maybe another day.

So, what’s on your summer fun list? Do share!

I love hearing from my readers! Thanks for your comment!

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