Hello? Hello???

Anyone here?

Is this thing on?

And what’s that echo?

It’s sure a mess in here!

Who in the world let the cobwebs gather like that???


Guess it was me, huh? (hehe)

I’ve been MIA. Don’t know what happened. Except that I’ve just been busy and stuff. You know. That little thing called life. I didn’t mean to stay away for so long. Really.

I hope you’ve all been doing well. More than that, I hope you’ve all been splendidly fabulous!

The end of the school year is winding down. Like really fast! It always surprises me how quickly the last month goes by. My boys have about 9 days of school left. I’ve been trying to get things done now that I don’t want to have to worry about once summer vacation hits us full force. Things like spring cleaning, planning fun summer activities to do with the kids, and a myriad of other “stuff’. Just a lot of “stuff”.

Did a really quick page the other day. In between my “stuff”. This cracks me up! My baby girl when she was about two years old trying her best to play football with the boys. Sorry the photo isn’t more clear. But she’s bending over “hiking” the ball. Love that her diaper is sticking out of her pants as she bends over. Makes me giggle.

Most of the items I used here are from an old collection from Deja Views. Does Deja Views even exist anymore? Don’t know, but this collection, called Fresh Print Cherry, is very cute and I still love the papers in it. I got an 8×8 paper stack, which is probably why I haven’t used it much before. I tend to forget about my smaller paper stacks.

Quick and simple seems to be the rule of the day lately. I’m OK with that.

So…. whatcha been up to?

card stock: Bazzill
patterned paper, die cuts: Deja Views
brads and marker: Stampin’ Up!

3 thoughts on “Helloooooo………???

  1. Catherine Oakley says:

    Really cute page Brenda and that diaper sticking out cracks me up too – and she’s not even mine. Just makes me remember back to when mine were that little and all the adorable things they did that made me smile. Thanks for sharing and hope you can accomplish all you’ve set out to before the kiddos are out of school!

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