The egg hunt.

Hi there, peeps! I totally meant to blog yesterday, but it didn’t happen. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and for those of you who celebrated Easter yesterday I hope it was a special and meaningful day of reflection on what our Savior, Jesus Christ, accomplished for us on the cross. Each year Easter holds deeper meaning for me as I realize more and more what it meant for Him to give his life for me.

Yesterday dawned warm and sunny, which was so nice for everyone who was planning on having egg hunts and special dinners with their families. We had a quiet day with no plans whatsoever, but to relax and enjoy each other.

My mother-in-law had us all over last Sunday, Palm Sunday, for an Easter dinner and that is when we had our egg hunt for the cousins. Eric’s one sister is the only sibling living in the area who has kids, so it’s always just their kids and ours for the egg hunt.

After dinner we send the men out to hide the eggs.
The nitty gritty egg hiding committee.

(aka: my BIL, Korey, my FIL, and my hubby, Eric. I’m not sure about the face he’s making!)

They hid them well.

Chloe and Isaac patiently waiting for the go ahead to begin the hunt.

Eager little faces with their cute noses pressed against the window panes.

And there they’re off!

Izabel found one! This girl has the prettiest brown eyes, but she rarely ever lets me photograph them. I enjoy the challenge, though. Someday I’ll get a close up of her pretty eyes.

This happy guy’s just hanging out, waiting to be found!

Devin found one too!

Oh cool! Aunt Crystal got silly string for the “big kids” (Nathaniel and Isaiah).

Devin’s so proud of his finds! Isn’t he just the cutest? I just love that kid!

A kind “sharing” moment. Devin’s got the remains of silly string in his hair.

Isaac shows of his stash. Too bad he wasn’t feeling so well that day.

The little egg hunters. This is all the kids except for Nathaniel, who opted out of the egg hunt for the first time this year. At 12 years old he decided it was time to let the “little kids” enjoy the hunt. (sniff) It’s OK. My boy is growing up.

He did enjoy drawing with the egg chalk, though, and made a hopscotch for all the kids to try out.

And did his part to show off his hand walking skills.

After the egg hunt was over the kids went back to their normal play at Grandma’s. This is a common scene right now. Chloe reading to her younger cousins.

And the guys began a game of poker. Isaiah’s still learning the game and was so proud to outlast his older brother, Uncle Korey, and Grandpa!

What a fun day of spending time with our wonderful family! We always love getting to be with them, especially when it means we get to enjoy my mother-in-law’s delicious cooking!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll have more crafty goodness coming up here tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “The egg hunt.

  1. Sharon H says:

    What fun! I wonder if there’s a way to do something similar with my dogs until I have grandkids? lol! You’ve really captured the hunt well in pictures. Great for scrapbooking!

  2. Amy Baldwin says:

    What fabulous pictures! Looks like the kids had a blast. 🙂

    It was torrential rainfall here, so no egghunt this year. We really needed the rain though.

    Have a happy Monday evening!

  3. Jan Garber says:

    Thanks for sharing your day! I have only one grandson and a very small family, so he doesn’t have anyone to hunt eggs with…kinda sad really. Maybe I can meet some kids in the neighborhood and next year hide some eggs in the desert! (We’re in Phoenix, Arizona! lol!)

  4. Connie Collins says:

    Wonderful photography. Looks like a great day was enjoyed by all. On a side note: You are so very talented. I so miss your fabulous inspiration for SU products but I totally understand why you moved on. Just thought it would be nice to know that you are missed.

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