Around here…

There are dandelions and buttercups on my windowsill whenever the kids get a chance to go outdoors and pick some. Aren’t they the prettiest weeds ever?

We’ve been enjoying all the little signs of spring. It’s kind of like taking a gulp of fresh air after being stuck inside a stinky, crowded elevator for a few hours. Not that that’s ever happened to me or anything.

We’ve been enjoying the few days of warm sunshine we’ve been having. Playing and eating our dinner outside. And this photo proves that my nine year old still eats with his fingers!

This little herb garden is so exciting to me! I can hardly wait until they’re big enough to use. Well I just might have snipped off a couple of chive stems, just so I could use them in my fresh roasted garlic salad dressing. So I was a little impatient, OK? I have a few more herb varieties I’ll be planting just as soon as I can get more soil.

There are some flowers waiting to be planted in their pots so they can grow and make me happy all summer long. Unless they die as a result of my brown thumb. Then I won’t be happy about that.

My Ranunculus, that I just couldn’t resist buying even though it’s a cool weather plant and won’t last very long, is just too beautiful for words!

Around here it takes our garden too long to dry out to be able to plant any early vegetables, so I started the seeds out in some egg cartons, hoping they’ll sprout and get a good start so I can plant them in my garden once it dries out. I’m anxiously awaiting the appearance of any tiny green sprouts.

We made hard boiled eggs…

So we could decorate them! (will share the photos of our egg hunt another day)

So, you see, there’s been a lot going on around here. So my little old blog got a little neglected. But I’m back now. And I even have a scrapbook page to share!
I did this one a couple weekends ago while I spent the day scrapping with some friends.

(click on any photos to view them larger)

My son, Isaiah, helping mommy out in the kitchen. We were baking chocolate whoopie pies together. If you’ve never had whoopie pies, well, you’re missing out!! They’re soft and moist and so, so delicious! My mom makes some yummy varieties such as vanilla with chocolate filling and red velvet ones. We usually make the chocolate kind since those are the ones my family prefers.

I added that little funky banner in the corner and I love the way it turned out. Kind of shabby vintage, like the rest of the page.

I’ve decided to take another class from Shimelle, called Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, even though I haven’t finished the last class( Blogging for Scrapbookers). I was disappointed to have to give up my computer a mere few days after the class began, and I was having so much fun with it, too! After much thought I decided that I would take this class so I could participate in the forums and activities as the class moves along, which is one of the reasons I took the first class, only it didn’t work out. So I’ll still be using the prompts from the first class whenever I feel the urge, but I’ll still be able to participate in the group discussion, etc. this time around. I’m excited about it!

Lots happening around here! Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Around here…

  1. Sharyn says:

    Your post makes me so hopeful for Spring! We were having a little bit of good weather, but then it snowed overnight. So ready for sunshine! Oh, and love your layout!!!

  2. Sharon H says:

    Brenda I absolutely adore what you’ve done with those dandelions! It makes me wish my dh hadn’t just sprayed them all yesterday. They really are pretty, but they take over our yard if we don’t get rid of them. No kiddos around to pick them (not yet anyway, until some grands pop in to our lives …)

    Love, LOVE your sb page. That pic of your son on the counter is so precious!

    It’s good to hear that you’re all getting fresh air and sunshine. I took off work today to get some yard work done before the next round of storms comes through. Got a bunch of wild volunteer trees and bushes dug our of the garden, planted gourds and then was pooped out, so here I am! lol!

  3. Amy Baldwin says:

    WOW! Your flowers are all so beautiful! I wish I had some of those pretties growning around here! Talk about an at home flower shop! Those Ranunculus are so amazing! I don’t know that I have ever seen that type of flower before, but it is gorgeous!

  4. Jayne says:

    the eggs look fab and love the LO. But I have never heard of chocolate whoopie pies and they sound great (mind, anything with chocolate does!) Will u post the receipe?

  5. Lisa-Jane Johnson says:

    My little ones pick me weeds a lot too but they get dried and squashed before they get home and I end up with pockets of dead daisies! Love the bunting on that layout, I love bunting anyway but you’ve changed it up nicely.

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