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Just a few minutes ago I had the terrible misfortune of watching my husband kill a mouse in our house! Ick!! Ach!! Bleck!! I was pretty safe on my perch on the kitchen counter while my brave hero of a husband searched for the little intruder, but moved to the kitchen table to be able to witness the drama after dear husband discovered it had run into the front closet. He poked and prodded around the contents of the closet trying to get it to run out. And when it did he gave it good whack with a broom and left me to guard it while he ran to get something with which to dispose of the nasty thing! I sat there on the kitchen table gagging while watching it wiggle, and flop, and then lay there with it’s tiny mouth open, making sure it didn’t revive and try to run away. Not sure what I would have done if it did!

That’s just not the kind of nature I really want to have to deal with, if you know what I mean! We have never really had to deal with mice before. I’m hoping it happened to come in when the garage door got left open and that it doesn’t have a bunch of little brothers and sisters hanging out in our walls. I had scenes from Ratatouille running through my head. Particularly the part where the ceiling falls down and all the rats come pouring out of everywhere.
Let’s talk about a nicer kind of nature, shall we?

Heehee! This photo cracks me up! Don’t my boys look hilarious? They were on a hike with their daddy and, as you can tell by the photo, Nathaniel (on the right) is all about the gear. He’s got his little hiking belt with all the proper equipment and his camouflage pants tucked into his boots. Oh, and what’s up with his hood? I have no idea!

Isaiah, on the other hand, is only concerned about the snacks. Nothing else matters to him whatsoever! That’s a little pack of pretzels he’s holding. I love it when I can see their personality differences showing so clearly. Love it! Makes me laugh.

A few pieces of chipboard I’ve been hoarding for a while and was finally glad to find the perfect spot for them.

And these epoxy embellishments and definition stickers are some I’ve had for quite a long time as well. I was challenging myself to use some of my older supplies. I like doing that.

I must sleep! It’s been such a very long day and I’m very tired. Five o’clock will come way too early. In just five hours, to be exact! Gonna need an extra large cup of coffee tomorrow!

I’m going to skip the supply list this time. Partly because I’m so tired, and partly because I can’t remember who makes half the stuff on this page right now. If you have any questions about anything I used, just ask. OK?

Catch y’all later!
Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Explore Nature

  1. Karen says:

    It’s a great layout, and I loved reading about your two boys! As for the mouse, we occasionally have them as well, and I would not be the one who is chasing after them!!!

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