Hopping on the reject train….

I know. I wasn’t going to be back here until next week. But I changed my mind. I’m allowed to do that. 😉

Today the acceptance emails went out for the September/October issue of Paper Crafts magazine. I’m happy to say that two (out of the four I submitted) were accepted for publication!! WooHooo!!! Yeah, it was a great day! Not only was the sun shining and it was warm and spring-like, but I also found some great deals on some spring clothes today. On top of all that goodness I got the email telling me that paper Crafts wanted to publish two of my cards! Happy dancin’!

But along with projects getting accepted are also the ones that didn’t. The “rejects” There’s only so much room in each publication. There were 925 submissions and only 80 spots to fill! 66 designers will get to see their projects in this issue of Paper Crafts. I’m honored to be one of them! Thanks, Paper Crafts!

After the last call was over Amber came up with a really fun way to celebrate the “rejects”. By having a rejects blog hop! What a fab idea! I wanted to join in last time, but never got around to it. This time I was determined to join in. So here is one of my cards that got rejected this time around.

This one was for the circus category. I heard the submissions for this category were really outstanding. I can’t wait to see the ones that got picked!
Even though mine didn’t get picked I still love it. especially because I don’t normally do shaped cards and I was really happy with how this one turned out.

So this time I’m linking my card up to the rejects blog hop. Because it’s a really fun thing to do, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m going now. I have stuff I need to do before Eric and i leave for our weekend away tomorrow. So I’ll “see” you all next week. This time I really mean it!


circus card:
card stock, ink: Stampin’ up!
stamps: Pink Persimmon
patterned paper: Little Yellow Bicycle
twine: Papertrey Ink
pin: no source

12 thoughts on “Hopping on the reject train….

  1. The Lunch Lady says:

    I LOVE that card! It’s SO cute! I think you should sell your rejects on your Etsy shop!

    Congrats on the accepted cards.

    Hope you have a great time away. You both need it. It’s always great to get away with your honey.

  2. Amber Daigre says:

    This card is beautiful and detailed. I love it. Thanks for sharing it in the hop! If this is a reject – I can’t even imagine what’s in store for the issue! This looks like cover material to me!

  3. Robin Funge says:

    Yeah, I am looking forward to seeing this section as well… hearing that the submissions for this category were outstanding makes it a bit easier!! Really great card!!

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