Makeover Monday- bless our nest

Hey friends! Happy Monday!

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time you may remember the Makeover Monday posts I used to do way back when. If you haven’t been following my blog long enough to remember that, you can read all my Makeover Monday posts right here. Or just click on the Makeover Monday link in my sidebar under categories. My Makeover Monday posts continue to be some of my most popular blog posts ever.

Makeover Monday was a monthly feature I used to offer until I ran out of enough ideas to do it on a monthly basis, but I figured I’d do a Makeover Monday posts every once in a while as the ideas came. Well today on this Monday I’m thrilled to bring you another Makeover Monday feature!

Today’s project is another Goodwill find redone into a pretty little decor piece, perfect for spring. It all began with this cute little mirror I found while scouring the aisles of my local Goodwill store.

Please ignore the fact that it’s a bit smudged. It’s going to get covered up anyway. Before I go on, let me say that the inspiration for this piece came from a blog post I read a long time ago and had bookmarked on my old computer before it died. (May it rest in peace!) I did a search to see if I could find that particular blog post, but my search was in vain. I wish I could link back to it and give credit where credit is due, but it seems I can’t this time. If any of you have also seen this idea and know where it came from, please do share.

Since I don’t have the idea saved and can’t remember exactly what it looked like, I’m pretty sure mine is a bit different than the original one, but the idea remains the same. Take a look at what my little mirror looks like now!

This project was one of the easiest and quickest I have ever done! No kidding! I began by covering my mirror with a coat of white spray paint. Since I was planning on covering up the mirror anyway I didn’t even bother to tape off the glass. I simply spray painted over the entire thing.

Then I cut a piece of dictionary paper to cover the glass. It might seem like it would be difficult to cut the paper to the right shape, but since I was using a thin dictionary paper all I did was lay the sheet of paper over the mirror and trace and kind of pushed it in with my nail to create the right shape. Then I cut it out and used that piece as a template to cut another piece out of dictionary paper. You might notice I used the page with the bird words on it. Just a cute little detail. It’s all in the details!

I purchased a package of tiny nests at Michael’s in the clearance section a while ago for just this purpose. The eggs are made from tiny pieces of clay which I painted a pretty shade of robin’s egg blue. Apparently I’m not real good at rolling eggs because they are a little lopsided. But hey, I never said I was perfect! If you stand back a little you hardly notice their lopsided shape 😉

I printed off the words on my computer, trimmed them into a banner shape and adhered it to the top edge of my mirror.

This project probably took me less than a half hour to do, including the spray painting. Super simple. Super quick. and that’s what Makeover Monday is all about!

I’m thrilled with my Goodwill makeover! This sweet little piece now has a home on the piano where I’m still working on the rest of my bird-themed spring decor. I’ll be sure to share it all with you when I finally finish, OK?

Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed today’s installment of Makeover Monday!

small mirror on a stand
white spray paint
dictionary paper
tiny nest
clay for eggs
blue acrylic paint for eggs
small twigs and feathers
card stock for banner

6 thoughts on “Makeover Monday- bless our nest

  1. Amy Baldwin says:

    Oh my goodness Brenda! I absolutely adore this! The little robin egg blue eggs, the nest, the feathers, the fabulous mirror and the wonderful “bird” definition in the background….perfection! This is the cutest for Spring decor! I love it! TFS!

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