I adore Pinterest!!! While browsing and pinning I came across some fantastic photos that I thought I’d share. Just in case you find them just as beautiful and inspiring as I do!

Today I’m just loving this lovely and refreshing melon-y hue.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this photo! Doesn’t it look so relaxing and inviting? It makes me want to recreate this scene for my kids, or a few close girl friends.

Photo source

I have had this photo saved forever. Long before I ever found Pinterest. I just love everything about this room. The bed made from pallets. The globes. Everything. I think this would be the perfect room for a little girl.

photo source

So pretty! Who else, besides me, would like to have a drawer full of this goodness?

photo source

(Sigh) So pretty! I just love butterflies, don’t you?

photo source

I would like a garden full of these, please!
photo source

This has to be just about the prettiest garland I have ever seen! I think I should make one!

photo source

I don’t know about you, but photos like these make me want to run to my craft room and pull out all my pink-y, orange-y, melon-colored papers and get to making something pretty! Maybe these photos will inspire you in your crafting this week.

2 thoughts on “melon

  1. Amy Baldwin says:

    Several of these photos are Debee Campos…I spotted them right away. Don’t you just love her stuff? Absolutely gorgeous! I bought some of her calendars at the first of the year. They are so dreamy! I agree, these colors are so fun and inspiring…orange and pink right now are very hot! TFS!

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