Twisted cards #48- Smile

I’m just sitting here at my desk peeking out at the beautiful blue sky with some sunshine and puffy clouds making their appearance. C’mon sun! Warm up this place! Spring fever is beginning to subtly sneak in!

Oh, and the reason I can sit here at my desk and look out at the sun is that I just may have rearranged our basement office area this week while hubby was gone so that the desk now sits directly below the window. Nice! Yeah, he can’t quite figure out how I managed to move a massive wooden desk and credenza all by myself. Um…neither can I! And I can’t figure out how I did all that and didn’t get any sore muscles from it. I must either be really strong or just in better shape than I thought! (snort!) Uh-huh, we’ll go with that, shall we?

Moving on. Yesterday a new card sketch went up at Twisted Sketches and I’m just now getting around to posting it here. This week’s twist is “folds”, any how, any way. You can see the sketch and the design team’s interpretations here.

And here’s my card.

Simple and straightforward. I’m loving those text patterned leaves I picked up at Michael’s the other week. I can’t wait to use them some more.

So I always have the same dilemma on a Sunday afternoon. Should I take a nap? OR should I take advantage of the quiet, free time to craft? Both seem equally appealing, but if I nap I just may never get around to crafting. If I craft I might not have the presence of mind to create anything visually appealing. Arrgghh!! What shall I do? What shall I do??
I think I shall go craft. After all, I can sleep when I am old. Hmmm….which may come sooner rather than later if I don’t get the sleep I need. See, it’s an impossible decision, didn’t I tell you?
But I only live once, and I’d rather spend it crafting than sleeping. Wouldn’t you agree?

Smile card:
card stock, stamp: Papertrey Ink
patterned paper, brad: Stampin’ Up!
ribbon, ric-rac: no source
pins: Making Memories, Dritz
leaves: Recollections for Michael’s

6 thoughts on “Twisted cards #48- Smile

  1. Eric Weaver says:

    Ha! you should take a picture of the desk and post it! It is a hard wood presidential desk and practically weighs a ton. I still have no idea how you moved it! I would love to have a video of the feat lol.

  2. Agata says:

    Great card, love your folds! 🙂 You can always alternate, one day some crafting, one day a nap. But I do agree with your final statement…

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