birthday cakes, Tara style

Yesterday my little girl was invited to a birthday party of one of her close little girl friends. When I asked her if she’d rather if I stayed there with her during the party or if I’d leave her there, she thought for a bit and then said “leave”. (sob!) Ha! It made me laugh. She’s growing up so fast and is already at the age when it’s more fun without mom around.
It was great, though, because I got to do some shopping all by myself! That’s always a treat and I’m always amazed at how much faster I shop when I’m alone.

As I thought about something a little special to make for the birthday girl I was reminded of these sweet little paper cakes that I saw on Tara Anderson’s blog, The Pink Couch.
I may have mentioned here before that Tara Anderson is one of my very favorite paper crafters. I just adore everything she makes and could sit and browse her blog and stare at her creations for hours. No joke!

I knew I wanted to try those little cakes ever since I first saw them on her blog, and a little girl’s birthday party seemed like the ideal occasion for them.

First off I tried my hand at a cupcake tag.

Cuteness overload!!!! I just love the fact that they use up all those little scraps that a patterned paper hoarder like me just cannot bear to throw way. Plus you can customize them to make any sort of cupcake your little heart desires. PLUS, it’s super quick and easy since there’s no measuring involved. You just freehand cut everything. Even a child can do this. I think Chloe and I must have a cake making session together sometime soon!

Then I had to make a card to go with the tag, so I decided to try a layer cake. Again, super simple and fast. And darling!

And see those flower/button thing-ys at the top? Those are made from felt, fabric and buttons, some of which I actually received from Tara a while ago along with a package of scrumptious embellishments I won from her blog. They’re all actually attached to a barrette that is attached to the card so that the birthday girl can remove it and wear it.

I punched holes in the front of the card so I could clip the barrette right onto the card. Here’s a look at the inside.

This is the most fun I had making cakes for quite a while!!

I simply cannot wait to make more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tag and card supplies:
card stock, stamps: Papertery Ink
ink: Stampin’ Up!
patterned papers: Bazzill, Stampin’ Up!
felt, buttons, trim: some from Tara Anderson, some no source

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