Twisted Cards #46

Hey there! It’s Twisted Cards sketch time again from Twisted Sketches! You can see the sketch and the cards from the rest of the design team here.

In the honor of Valentine’s Day, the twist this week is “heart”.

I almost forgot about adding the “heart” twist until I was basically done with my card, so I sneaked in the little heart pins to add a little heart-y love to my card.

I decided I’d do a double whammy and make this card for Papertrey Ink’s Make It Monday series which features cards made with the Go-To Sentiments technique.

It’s a busy Saturday here.
crafting???? One can only hope!

I love this….

photo from this Etsy shop

I’m feeling like I haven’t had enough time lately to let my art wash the dust from my soul, if you know what I mean. Lately it seems like once I’ve gotten everything done, or attempted to, that there just hasn’t been enough time to immerse myself in my art. Seems like there just hasn’t been enough hours in my day. Each day my to-do list is long, and so is my list of creative projects I’d love to tackle. Which comes first? Maybe I just need to get better at time management.
How about you? How do you carve out the time you need to nourish your creative side? At times I feel like my head is exploding with ideas I’d like to implement, and then I look at my list of things to accomplish that day and feel deflated because I know those ideas will have to wait for a while.
I have plans. Plans for my Etsy shop. Plans for this blog. Plans for lots of things. I’m wondering how others do it. I look at other moms with kids who are successful at managing their families, a small business, work, house, etc, etc, and still have the time to look fabulous on top of it. How do they do it all? Is there a secret to all this that I don’t know?

Tell me I’m not alone in this quest for more hours in my day, although I know that God in his infinite wisdom gave us all 24 hours with which to accomplish everything in a day’s time. Cut back on something? But what? Cooking, cleaning, taking care of household responsibilities? No. Making sure my family has all their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs met? No. (if anything I need to spend more time doing that). Spending time with my Lord every day? No. (again, I need to dedicate more time to that. Certainly not less). Teaching my daughter? No. Exercising? Um, I don’t really do that now, so I can’t really cut that out. Although I’d love to carve out a bit of time for that too. Somehow.

I have come to the conclusion that I just need to figure out how to work faster. Yup, that’s it. Stay focused. Don’t get side tracked. In fact, my one little word for this year is “focus”. I think I kind of lost sight of that. I lost my focus on focusing. I have a nasty habit of being in the middle of doing something and then being distracted by something entirely different. Be it the email that I just have to check. The phone call I need to take. Or a million other little things that sneak in and steal minutes at a time without me realizing it. Minutes add up and I don’t want to waste minutes because then I don’t have the time for the soul nourishment that I so desperately need. That and just realizing that I can’t always do it all. Sometimes it’s OK to leave the house a mess for a bit longer and just sit down for a few minutes to create something beautiful.
I was created to be creative, and I need to take the time to do it. Somehow.

So anyway, I’m not sure if this post was meant to be encouraging or not. Maybe I just need to get it out. to think out loud. Do you have some great ways you manage to carve out some time to nourish your creative self? I believe it’s important. Creativity is a powerful thing. It allows us to express ourselves in a way that words can’t. It allows us to escape the mundane of the every day for a while and refresh our minds and spirits. I need that.

Anyway, I’m going to go finish up some chores now. I’ve been distracted by my thoughts on distractions long enough!

I hope you all have an incredibly wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by, and if you actually read all my ramblings, well, bless you! I hope it made sense!

Wish Big:
card stock, patterned paper, ink: Stampin’ Up!
stamps, ribbon, twine: Papertrey Ink
pins: no source

7 thoughts on “Twisted Cards #46

  1. ~amy~ says:

    This is really pretty Brenda…I’ve come to terms that there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to get done…I’m with Gladys…I’m enjoying what I’m doing and not sweating everything else:) Hope you can pop over to my blog today…I used a doily that you sent me:)

  2. Sharon H says:

    Brenda you did an excellent job of expressing your feelings and the frustration you experience! I wish there was a magical answer to your questions, but as an almost senior-aged person I STILL don’t have a solution. We all know those type AAA personalities out there who seem to get a gazillion times more things done each day while working outside the home full time, raising 100 kids, running their church programs, baking for all the neighbors, etc. etc. etc. I’m convinced that they are born with that ability and some of us (probably the majority of us) were not so lucky. Sometimes I think it’s because we feel so much, love so deeply, commit so fully and so on that causes us to take more time along the way to smell the roses, to hug our kids/grandkids/dogs/cats/flowers/cashmere sweaters (yeah now I’m getting silly, but you get the picture, right?)

    It is a good thing to set goals and to make every human attempt to be organized. Work within your priorities, which it appears you already do, and don’t beat yourself up for not living up to a standard that might not be for us (or we?) who were not born with that talent for juggling a gazillion things all at once. I’ve made it to this point in my life without ever being like that college friend of mine who did so much with so little in such a short amount of time and I can just about guarantee you that we are both equally satisfied with our lives.

    Oh and a bit more about creativity. Your art is an almost daily inspiration for me and for that I am very thankful! You probably already know this, but on days when you might not have any or enough time to work on cards or scrapbooks just take a look at some of the other things you’ve accomplished and I betcha anything you’ll be able to see your artistic touch in most, if not all of them! For example, from my perspective anyway, when I make cookies and candy for our office fund-raiser I don’t just slap something together (who ME???), but instead I make it a work of art like those candy-covered oreos in homemade treat boxes (posted on my blog). Even trimming the dogs’ nails takes a little artistic talent, or plating the food for supper, or folding the towels to be so neatly stored in the closet. Do you see where I’m headed with this? It’s kind of like making a game out of teaching your kids how to sweep the floor or clean up their room.

    Ok, so I really didn’t mean for this to be a blog post, so please excuse my motor mouth rambling, but I want you to know that I think you’re doing a great job!


  3. Amy Baldwin says:

    I love your card Brenda! I can’t believe the heart pins were a last minute add-on! They give the card extra dimension and pop on the card wonderfully. As for time management, I am right there with you. Too much to do, not enough time in a day. You are an amazing writer and this is a very inspiring post. I love the statement that we were created to create. I will have to remember that!

  4. Jan Garber says:

    Your cards are always so amazing, even when elements are added on last minute! As for the time issue, I have a whole different take on it. I had to smile reading your post thinking back on when I had kids, working two jobs, divorced….never seemed to catch up but always going, going, going. I actually accomplished far more then than I do now. Mid-life, no kids at home, hubby works all day, and I ramble about the house knowing there are things I could do but no incentive to do them. I even loose interest in scrapping. So, enjoy these crazy days! You may be like me and feel lost when there aren’t a million things demanding your daily attention! In a way, I envy you. Yep…I said it. ((hugs)) Hang in there!

  5. LorraineN says:

    Brenda, first off – your card is beautiful! I love the colors, the multiple sentiment image and those little pins. As for time, I never seem to catch up on anything. I try to squeeze my crafting time in the wee morning hours – when I am alone. But I am with ya – there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I work full-time, but have only one child. I can’t imagine how people (like you) who have more than one child can manage, lol. You are doing terrrific in my opinion!

  6. Courtney (Parks) Carpenter says:


    I love your honesty and know that as mother with the same passions with life, children, god, crafting it does get overwhelming.

    I also know that you sending me a card in the midst of my trouble times has helped me immensly. I knew that you put your heart into that card and that is what is so special about you! You give and give and that is what makes you such a creative, loving person that I call my friend!


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