12 Cards for Christmas- card #8

Moving right along to card #8. Are you having fun yet? Only four more to go after this!

This one is the design I made with the ladies from my church when I had the session on Christmas crafts and gifts. I had several leftover, so I made multiples of this one. This one is a perfect mass-produce type of card. The pieces are easy to cut and the design is easy to assemble.

This was a great card to do with a group because it’s easy enough for beginner card makers to attempt. I like to stamp my background images, like the snowflakes I used here, off the edge. It helps keep things looking more natural and fluid.

To take a card like this a step further, you could try popping the main image up with pop dots or add a few tiny gems to the greenery.

Leave a comment for your chance to win the prize package. Tell me how many Christmas cards you have sent or plan to send out this year. I don’t have mine sent yet. I’m waiting on some photos to come that I ordered to put inside, but I’ll probably be sending/giving around 60 this year. It’s more than last year, but a lot less than the year before. How about you?

supplies: card stock, ink: Stampin’ Up!; stamps: Inkadinkado; button and thread: no source

11 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #8

  1. LindaStamps says:

    This is a great basic card to make a lot of!

    I don’t have plans to do Christmas cards this year – except for a few for close friends/family. Maybe about a dozen in total – ones I’ve made. I was just thinking this morning, it’s already December 11th and I haven’t received any cards yet. I have noticed over the years the cards have dwindled. Seems with the internet less and less hand-written mail gets sent. Kind of a shame.

  2. Kristine Gattone says:

    I am sending over 60 this year. I actually have them made and they are going in the mail today! This is probably the same amount I sent last year, but I used store bought ones last year.

  3. The Lunch Lady says:

    We “cheat” and email our Christmas photo card that Bill designs every year. I like to think we are “Green” and it sure saves on postage with the added benefit of sending on Christmas Eve!

  4. Sharon says:

    This would be a great card for Operation Write Home next year as it could be done in multiples. I just finished making my cards last night and after I get my Christmas letter done and printed I’ll begin stuffing my handmade envelopes. I only send 30 or so cards and hand deliver about 10.

  5. Dee in N.H. says:

    Nice card. Love the snowflake background.
    This year I’m down to 85 cards. Phew…glad they are done finally!! Just addressed the last of them this morning!

  6. Gail L. says:

    Nice simple card!
    I do 70-80 cards! I make them all year!
    I even downsized my card sending this year!
    I didn’t do a letter though!
    I sent family to my blog!

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