12 Cards for Christmas- card #12

Whew! we made it to card #12!
This one is just one more made from that fabulous grey paper. This time I paired it with a pretty turquoise. Goes to show you how versatile grey is. It looks great with any color.

snowflakes this time. I thought the patterns in the paper resembled snowflakes a bit, plus I already had the stamped snowflake card left over from another project. That made this card a breeze to finish.

If you’re not a fan of grey, I apologize for the amount of grey cards I showed in this Christmas card lineup. I just pulled some of my favorites from the stack of cards I hadn’t shared yet here on the blog and the grey ones made the cut. Can you tell grey is one of my favorite colors?

Comment here for your chance to win the prize package. This time tell me about any Christmas parties you will be attending. Work parties, friends parties, anything. We, sadly, don’t have any Christmas parties at all. Nobody we know does a Christmas party, or if they do they don’t invite us! Hee! Maybe I should host my own next year. Wanna come?

I hope you enjoyed my day-long parade of Christmas cards. I enjoyed sharing them with you. I feel as if I’ve just run a marathon, though, with all this blogging. But it’s been fun hanging out with you here today on Sweet Paper Treats.

I wish you a wonderful weekend! We’re off to watch our kids school Christmas program.

supplies: card stock, ink, patterned paper: Stampin’ Up!; stamps: Skipping Stones Design; button: papertrey ink; thread: no source

11 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #12

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m really loving all that grey, especially since the Operation Write Home blog candy that I won included some of the Stampin Up grey card stock! You’ve done a wonderful job of giving us some awesome inspiration. Thanks so much! Hope the Christmas program is a great one. I miss going to those when my daughter was still in school!

    The only party I’m going to this year is a lunch thing at work. Last year my husband’s school (he’s a teacher) had a really nice dinner for us and I loved meeting his co-workers.

  2. LindaStamps says:

    Don’t apologize for the grey. They’re all great! Thanks for the 12 inspirations.

    We’re having a Christmas dinner party in about 9 minutes – I’m typing really fast before our guests arrive lol

  3. Amy C says:

    This is really lovely!! Who knew that grey would be a great color for Christmas?? Well, obviously you did….. 😉

    We will be having a family Christmas party next weekend. My siblings and I each take turns hosting it…..last year was my year.

  4. Diane says:

    This is ga great card. I’ve enjoyed the grey cards. But, this one would would for any color tha tyou would have and could be adated for other occasions. Great way to use leftovers, too.
    Just went to a party on Wedsnesday for “stamp club”. I had to miss another party that was the same night. Wouldn’t cha’ know it?

  5. Dee in N.H. says:

    This has been fabulous! Thanks so much for doing this! And I loved the gray cards too. I would love to come to your Christmas party! No parties here either.
    I’m also thinking that I need to get over here more often to let you know how much I appreciate your creativity! I subscribe through email so I always see the wonderfulness, just need to let you know once in a while……..You are appreciated!

  6. Karen says:

    I’m way behind in my blog reading, but I had a lot of fun catching up here. I think #8 and #11 are my faves, but they’re all great.

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