12 Cards for Christmas- card #11

Card #11 here for you to enjoy!

This one has a bit of a homespun feel to it. The red gingham bow is made from a strip of gingham fabric.

I simply tore off a strip of fabric, leaving the edges frayed for a country feel. I loved working with the fabric. It makes a fabulous bow! I must try it again sometime!

The rest of the card is neutral in color to make the red gingham bow the star of the show.

Comment here for your chance to win the prize package. This time I’d like to know if you make or have ever made a gingerbread house. I’ve made something similar, but never a true-blue, authentic gingerbread house with the dough made from scratch. But I will one of these years. I think it would be fabulous fun!

supplies: card stock, ink: Stampin’ Up!; stamps: Inkadinkado; gems: My Mind’s Eye; fabric

10 thoughts on “12 Cards for Christmas- card #11

  1. Amy C says:

    I really love the country feel to this card. It would be perfect to send to family that live on a farm.

    My kids and I build a gingerbread house every Christmas. It is a fun little thing that they love to do and look forward to every year. I don’t bake my own gingerbread, but I usually buy a kit that is ready to assemble at the craft store (with a coupon of course!). That takes much of the stress out of it so that the kids and I can just have fun putting it up and decorating it. Maybe next year we will make our own gingerbread.

  2. Sharon says:

    What a cute idea to use the torn fabric! That really turned out great! I’ve only made a gingerbread house once and it was from a kit. I used to have a tin to bake the pieces in, but have no idea what happened to it. You’ll have a blast when you finally try it! With all your creative talent you should plan on entering it in a contest!

  3. LindaStamps says:

    Love that torn fabric. A country feel card, very cute!

    I’ve never baked a gingerbread house. I’m not much of a baker so I leave that to the experts lol

  4. Kristine Gattone says:

    We have made the gingerbread house from a kit at the craft store and also one using graham crackers. They are a lot of fun. I think my nieces and nephews ate more of the candy than they actually put on the houses. The kids are what make it so much fun and very proud of their creations.

  5. Diane says:

    I really like the torn fabric for the bow. I have never made a gingerbread house but I have been eyeing up the kits. I even picked one up but then I chickened out. I still might do it!

  6. Gail L. says:

    Love the gingham bow!
    When my friend and her children lived in town, we’d get together & make gingerbread houses with the kids.
    Haven’t done it since they left, but I see from her photos, the kids still do!
    I actually have a baking pan that’s patterned for a gingerbread house!

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