12 cards for Christmas- card #10

Hello again! Time to meet another card! Meet card #10!

We have another grey one this time around. Another non-traditional color scheme. This time the grey was paired with a deep, rich, fuschia color. The result is a sophisticated card for the most discerning folks on your card list.

I much prefer pink over red for Christmas anyway, but this ribbon is just so yummy! I think it dresses up the card nicely. Add a few pins for a glamorous touch.

Comment here for your chance to win the prize package. Tell me about your Christmas meal. Do you have a Christmas brunch after opening the gifts? Or maybe you have a nice candlelight supper on Christmas Eve. Or maybe a huge turkey dinner later on Christmas Day. Or maybe you have a special meal some other day. Or maybe none at all.
Ours seems to kind of change every year as we shuffle our schedule to accommodate the schedules of the rest of the family. I normally make something a little special on Christmas morning and then we often have a fantastic meal made by my mother-in-law either Christmas day or Christmas Eve, whichever works out. Their signature Christmas specialty is surf-and-turf on the grill. let me tell you, it. is. delicious!!! I hope they make it again this year!

supplies: card stock, patterned paper, ink, ribbon: Stampin’ Up!; stamps: Hampton Arts; pins; no source

11 thoughts on “12 cards for Christmas- card #10

  1. Amy C says:

    So pretty and elegant!!

    For our Christmas Eve meal, we usually all gather at my parents house and bring something (kind of like pot luck). The house is usually filled with all kinds of goodies that we munch on during the evening. On Christmas morning, I usually make up a big breakfast.

  2. The Lunch Lady says:

    I make a whole bunch of appetizers Christmas Eve and we open a couple of presents and then we have a nice Christmas brunch and open the rest!

  3. Ann Cox says:

    We are going to my in-laws this year. My MIL makes a big ol’ breakfast, then we open gifts. Later in the day we have a huge meal.

    My family has one big meal at lunchtime with everyone bringing food potluck style. Then we graze all day on sweets.

  4. Sharon says:

    Oh yummy…. surf-n-turf!!! Our meal all depends on what we’re doing. This year we’ll be out of town Christmas Eve day and eating down at the in-laws after taking my parents out to breakfast. That means by Christmas morning we’ll still be stuffed. As one of the fund-raisers at work we sell gigantic cinnamon rolls baked by a local cafe. I ordered a dozen and plan to have a couple on Christmas morning warmed up in the microwave and slathered with butter! As RR would say, “YUM-OH!”

    I really like how you added those two pins, again giving me luscious ideas for embellishing my cards!

  5. LindaStamps says:

    Such a pretty card! We do our dinner on Christmas eve. Christmas morning we open gifts. Leftover turkey for dinner and that evening we relax.

  6. Kristine Gattone says:

    Christmas Eve is spent with my husband’s family. Dinner is usually some kind of pasta, smelts, and one year we made calamari. Since they are an Italian family, the fish goes with the holiday. Every year we talk about doing the seven fishes, but never actually make all seven. (someday maybe) Christmas day is at our house with the traditional turkey dinner. It is a very relaxed day.

  7. LorraineN says:

    Ooh, this is a very elegant card. I love that gorgeous big bow. Christmas morning we gather at my sister’s house for a breakfast feast – and the kids open up their presents. Dinner is usually at my in-laws and that’s always good food!

  8. Diane says:

    Elegant card!
    We do kind of a buffet at my sister’s house Christmas Eve. Then Christmas day depends on the year and who is around. This year my hubby wants to spend it with his mom so we will be going there and have ham ( he hates turkey). But, I like your in-laws idea…mmmm.

  9. Gail L. says:

    Very nice card!
    We have a HUGE meal in the late afternoon when I’m cooking.
    If we go to my moms. we have to take (or make) our favorite dish. One year I took my favorite “DISH”!

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