Christmas card display

Hello, friends!

I’m gonna make it quick today. The kids and I worked hard to get all our chores done this morning so we could spend the afternoon playing and getting crafty. Those kiddos of mine are such sweet and willing helpers. They make the chores go so much faster! They’ve gotten so good at pitching in without a fuss, and for that I feel so blessed.
I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’d like to work on this afternoon. Plus I just got some new stamps from Skipping Stones Design in the mail today and they are soooo awesome!! I can’t wait to play with them and share some sneaks with you sometime very soon. You’re gonna love ’em!
The kids will be working at their own things. Duct tape wallets for my oldest and who knows what for the other two. Getting cozy in our basement and working on our crafts together is a favorite pass time for the kids and me. Especially on such a dreary, cold day.We’ll put on some Christmas music to sing along to while we play. So fun!

So yesterday I said I’d share my Christmas cards display. Other years I always struggled to find a really good way to display the many cards we get every Christmas from family and friends. The cards are special to us and a lot of time they include family photos, so we like to display them in a way that we can easily see the front of all the pretty cards and be able to look inside easily too. Most years we ended up taping them to a doorway so we could see them all. That was fine, but I wanted something a little more stylish than that.
A perfectly chippy, shabby, old window came to the recue!

I actually made this a couple of years ago and had it hanging up in this same spot but used it as a place to display memos and special little items. I don’t know why i didn’t think of using it for my Christmas cards before this. It turned out to be just the kind of thing I was looking for.
To make it I simply attached heavy twine in a criss cross pattern across the front of an old window, which I got a long time ago from a friend. The cards are hung up with clothespins.

We haven’t gotten many cards yet, so I displayed some of my own hand made Christmas cards on it to fill up the space until we get more cards.
To take it a step further, you could even paint or decorate the clothespins to match your decor. I think i’ll so that to mine next year.

I have this hanging right above our piano and it fills the space well. When we run out of space on this display piece we’ll have to hang the rest up on the doorway. 🙂

Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you’re having a fabulous day where you are. I’m off for a date with my crafts supplies!


supplies: old window, twine, nails, picture hangers

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