Christmas Decor- part 2

Hiya folks! I’m gonna make this a quick post.

I wanted to share these cute wooden blocks I made this year to add to my collection of Christmas decor. These were really quick and super, super easy to make.

I used some wooden blocks I had leftover from some stamps that I never mounted. They are the perfect size, but if you don’t have any blocks on hand you should be able to find some similar ones at your local craft supply store. Or, if you know someone who does woodworking, they just might be happy to give you some of their little wood scrap pieces.

I painted mine first with black acrylic paint and went over it with clear gesso after it was dry to prevent the black paint from seeping through to the lighter paint on top. You could also try spray paint. i don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work just as well.
After the gesso was dry I went over it with white paint. when that was dry i sanded the edges so that the black paint underneath would show through.

The next step was to tear some pages out of an old dictionary and wrap them around the blocks, securing them on the back with a little adhesive. Then I added the chipboard letters and wrapped a bit of ribbon around the blocks, making a bow on top to resemble a package.

And that’s it! Super fun, cute and easy! If you like these you still have plenty of time to make some for yourself in time for Christmas.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

supplies: wooden blocks, black paint, white paint, gesso, dictionary paper, chipboard letters, ribbon

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