bad blogger syndrome

Good grief, I’ve been a bad blogger lately! I have reasons excuses if you’d like to hear them. I’ve actually been knee deep in projects, but I can’t share them with the world just yet.
I’m prepping stuff for my next In Focus feature and making things for a session I’m teaching at my church called Christmas Crafts and Gifts. I worked on a scrapbook page too that I meant to share with you, but I didn’t like the way it turned out, and so I’m gonna keep it to myself. Believe me, you don’t want to see it!

So the other night I realized why I don’t do glitter much. After working on a project that involved lots of glitter (because you need some glitter for Christmas, right?) I had glitter all over my clothes, my face, under my nails, in my nostrils. What the??? How does that happen anyway?
Glitter. It’s my drug of choice. Ha!

So after I finished my glitter snorting session, I was happy with the way my project turned out. How about a little sneak peek, just to to tease you and all?

I know it’s not much, and maybe showing you nothing at all would be better than a tiny partial glimpse, but that be all I gots today, folks!

Yesterday the kids found a ridiculously tiny pile of leaves to jump into. They begged me to come out and take pictures, and so, like a good momma, I did just that. Amazing how a tiny pile of leaves can provide entertainment for a good hour or so. Or maybe my kids are just easily amused, but whatever. I did get a few shots that I liked and thought maybe you’d like to see. And maybe you’d forgive me for being such a bad blogger if I showed you photos of some cute kids. Well, at least I think they’re cute, but I’m biased!


See, they’re cute even when they’re goofy!

It was bright out, so that explains the squinty, mole-eyed look.

The leaves are still pretty around here, especially on the mountains. We happen to have to pass over the mountain on our way to church, so we get to enjoy the fall beauty a lot. It’s especially gorgeous in the morning with the soft morning light shining through the leaves.
We saw a deer in an open field on the way to church this morning and the other evening on the way home we saw a few too. My son saw a little mink when he was out with his BB gun this afternoon. Of course he didn’t shoot it. I wish I would have seen it. I didn’t realize mink are so cute until after I googled them to pull up pics to show the kids. But anyway, I love to see the wild life around here. Not just in the fall. We see blue herons and hawks on a regular basis and occasionally an eagle, if we’re lucky.

Oh, I wanted to be sure to let you know about a fun new feature on the Skipping Stones Design blog. Today’s the first day and it’s called Spotlight Sunday. If you make a card using Skipping Stones Design stamps be sure to send a link to your project to Kandi and you just could have your project spotlighted. Fun, huh? Check out all the details here.

Gotta run. We’re heading out in about a half hour to our Sunday evening Dave Ramsey class. Catch y’all soon!

2 thoughts on “bad blogger syndrome

  1. JeanD says:

    They are indeed cute kids and the photos are beautiful. Doing that class must have been a good thing 🙂
    Hope the people at church enjoy the craft.

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