Five + SSD new release

Hello and good morning!

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table with my little girl working on her school books beside me. She loves school. So much! Yesterday she was so upset at me when I told her we weren’t doing any school work that day. I’m still figuring out her gaps. What she knows and what she doesn’t and trying to fill in the things she missed up until this point. We’re practicing letters and numbers, singing little songs to help remember the vowel sounds, cutting and gluing, and lots of coloring. She’s a ready learner and catches on quickly.

The page I have to share today was one I made for a challenge over at Studio Calico. The challenge details can be found here on the Studio Calico blog.

I’m just loving all things yellow right now. I have been for a while now. For some reason I gravitate towards yellow all the time. Yesterday I did a little shopping and came home with three yellow shirts (two for me and one for my son), a yellow table cloth, and some yellow napkins. The other week I picked up a yellow striped scarf. I can’t wait to add some yellow to my fall decor. See what I mean? So when I saw this challenge over at the SC blog I knew I just had to play long.

I was inspired by the color scheme, of course, but also the butterflies and the raindrops. Only instead of raindrops I added the cloud rub on because the raindrops reminded me of clouds.

Also, I wanted to let you all know about a newly released stamp set from Skipping Stones Design called Always Here.

This set features some lovely winged creatures along with some beautiful sentiments for a variety of occasions. Click here to learn more about this stamp set.

Oh, and guess what! I’m blogging from MY OWN computer!!!!! Hubby is almost done transferring everything over and now this thing is mine! All mine!!! Now I can access all my photos and blog whenever it suits me instead of waiting for him, and I can pop in more often on your blogs and respond to comments……(happy sigh!)

Chloe’s waiting for me to go on a little walk with her. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments.

10 thoughts on “Five + SSD new release

  1. kolleen seibel says:

    Wow so pretty and fresh !!!! And yellow so refreshing it makes me feel like dancing . And Chloe is pretty and beautiful ! Enjoy your day and catch some yellow razes ! Hugs to you to !!!!!!!

  2. LorraineN says:

    Wow, Gorgeousness! Love your layout! And love how you balanced it out with the gray images. I love yellow too – ooh and gray is perfect with it! Perfect design!

  3. crystal says:

    I love the page with darling Chloe. She is so beautiful!
    I’m really liking that yellow and gray together…potential bedroom color:>)

  4. Bonnie says:

    As is often the case I like yellow for other people then when I try yellow I don’t like it. In my closet I have exactly 1 yellow shirt that I bought because I needed to wear it for something not because I wanted to. But your page is beautiful as is the little lady featured there. 🙂

    Hope Chloe continues to enjoy the learning & is a good willing student.
    Be blessed,

  5. Michelle Philippi says:

    I have such a hard time with Studio Calico. I’m not sure what it is. Too….drab or not bold enough or whatever…maybe I’m just not creative enough – LOL But I do love that yellow in the background…it’s subtle overall but the pop is nice. And of course the pictures are lovely. Yay for the new computer!

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