I wanted to cry……

but I didn’t. I wanted to scream too. But I didn’t do that either. Instead I prayed for a miracle. But the miracle was not forthcoming.

So I’m going to have to be away from my blog for a while. It involves my computer, a bit of water, some sizzling and popping and crackling sounds, a mommy with a sick feeling in her tummy, and a sad child that felt so terrible about ruining mommy’s computer.

I couldn’t be too mad at my child. After all, it was partly my fault for hastily setting the water where it mattered if it spilled in the first place.

Soooo…….it’s going to take a while until I’m back online with my own computer. Until my husband can get another one set up I’ll be popping in every once in a while to check my emails and so on. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog every now and then, but the moments when I’ll be able to use his computer are very few and far between.

I feel so sad. The times when I can come here and share my stuff with you and read your comments and visit your blogs is one of my very favorite parts of the day. Hopefully it won’t be very long until I’ll be back with a new computer and lots of finished projects to share.

On a positive note, I just noticed that I achieved the status of Domestic Diva over at the Everything But the Kitchen Sink blog. Thanks guys!!! It was definitely a bright spot in my day!

So anyway, please don’t give up on me if I’m not able to update my blog for a bit. I WILL be back! I’m not leaving forever. Just until we can get things figured out around here.

Love you all!

10 thoughts on “I wanted to cry……

  1. Karen H. says:

    Oh Brenda, that’s horrible. My computer crashed last year and I lost info, so I can totally understand your feelings. Enjoy your time offline, but I hope you’re back soon!

  2. LorraineN says:

    Brenda, I would cry, too. So sorry this happened to you. Hope you spend the time relaxing & recharging and will hope you get another computer soon. And congrats on the Domestic Diva status!

  3. Savitri says:

    Oooh, STINKS!!! I hope you get it up again. I’d be so upset too if that happened to me! Now that I stay home this blog of mine, the emails I get and my friends on FB/Twitter are my daily entertainment. When Jovie naps and everything is tidy I’d hurry to the computer and do stuff. If this thing is down… goodness… I might go bananas 😛 I hope you get to crafting lots and when you’re back again you’ll be sharing tons of new stuff with us!! Congrats on the diva status!! Awesome!

  4. kelly says:

    sad times, happy times–such is life! so sorry about the mishap, and that it involved a kiddo. so happy about the new ‘feather’ in your cap! will be missing your blog, but checking in! ~k

  5. Diane Mengel says:

    Oh my…what a sad thing to happen. We’ll definitely miss you but we know it’s temporary. Just think how much more we’ll appreciate you when you start up again!! Congratulations on the “Domestic Diva” status, too.

  6. Renee says:

    way to go, not blowing up when you felt like it! I haven’t always kept my cool like that in those testing times. I hope you get a computer soon. I know my computer time is a little breath of fresh air at times.

  7. Sharli says:

    I’ve just discovered you – wahhhh.
    But – I can totally share your sorrow – and I’ll wait – I was very impressed with your blog so added it to my favorites.

    I honestly can’t imagine. I had a hard-drive crash a couple of years ago and was without the computer for a week. That was bad enough. How do we become so involved with these electronic things??? Well, I – for one – don’t watch TV – so the computer is my “only” vice?

    Anyway – sending you {{{hugs}}} and reassurance.
    It will be ok. The sun will rise tomorrow.

    • sweetpapertreats says:

      Aww, thanks, Sharli! I hope to be back to blogging real soon. Husband is planning on trying to work on things tomorrow. He’s actually been really good at letting me use his computer in the evenings, but by that time I’m usually pretty tired and the only thing I get done is read my emails and get caught up on google reader. I plan to do a quick blog post on Saturday or Sunday, so hang in there. 🙂
      Thanks so much for adding me to your favorites and welcome to my blog. I love making new online friends!
      Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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