Shimelle’s class- day #13

If you’ve been following along on my posts about the class I took from Shimelle Laine, you may have noticed that I skipped day #12. That’s only because the day #12 prompt included a challenge to add texture to a photo using Photoshop or other photo editing software, which I don’t have (yet). So, I’m skipping that day and moving right on into day #13.

Day #13’s prompt was a challenge for us to find our personal photography “zone”. We were supposed to answer some questions about our creative process. This was a real challenge for me. I’m not sure I even have a creative process yet when it come to photography. It’s still all so new for me. Some of the questions had to do with what kinds of subjects we enjoy photographing. For me, at least for now, I enjoy taking pictures of kids. My nieces and nephews and my own children are my favorite things to photograph right now. That may or may not change in the future as I grow in my photography skills, but I decided to just run with that idea for this part of the class.

I’ve been meaning to take some photos of Chloe anyway since she turned five. Normally I take my kids to a studio to get their pictures taken when they have a birthday. Since I have a nice camera now I thought I could probably just save myself some money and take her pictures myself. You all know I don’t claim to be anything even close to professional, but I figured I could do just about as well as some of those Sears and JCPenney photographers could.

I dressed Chloe up in the dress she wore to her Uncles’s wedding and headed outside to snap a few. These are my favorite shots.

Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism or helpful hints if you wish. I’m all for learning how to better my skills.

Chloe actually has really long hair that cascades down her back. It’s never been cut. I’m leaving t up to her to decide if/when she wants to get it cut, but for now she’s really proud of her long hair. Most days she prefers to have it put into a simple ponytail since that’s the quickest and easiest. Sometimes I’ll do something nice with it, but most days she just has it in a ponytail.
The next prompt of our class challenged us to take our favorite subject (our zone) and change things up a bit. So I think I’ll do that next time. After I took these photos I thought it would be nice to have photos that show how long Chloe’s hair is at this stage in her life. So next time we’ll change the location of our photo shoot (like indoors somewhere) and make sure to capture Chloe in a bit of a different way.

Till next time!
Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments!

10 thoughts on “Shimelle’s class- day #13

  1. Kristine Gattone says:

    Great photos. Chloe is so sweet, she looks like her mommy. This could be the start of a new profession.

  2. kelly says:

    what a little doll! thanks for all the photography tips… i’m thinking of starting to take more photos on a small scale, so i check in on your ‘class’ every day! thanks for sharing! ~k

  3. Bonnie says:

    WOW Brenda what a little lady you have for your daughter.
    You did a good job on those pictures.
    I don’t have any pointers because I only know how to point & shoot with my camera but would love to learn more.
    Keep up the good work.
    Be blessed.

  4. carol marbach says:

    she is still your ‘mini me’ and a doll. your photos are incredible. people are the hardest subjects for me. i prefer nature shots myself.

    wonderful as always. miss you. xoxo

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