Shimelle’s class- day #2

It’s actually day 3 of Shimelle’s class, but I’m posting a day behind so I actually have time to complete the challenges and edit photos before posting. So the second day of class we focused on taking photos of flowers. We were challenged to find several ways to photograph the same flower and pay attention to angles and lighting.

So I headed outside with my camera to capture some photos of some of the few flowers that are blooming right now in my flower beds and pots.

First up is a pretty little Dahlia plant that’s growing in one of my pots on my patio. I love the peachy color and all it’s fabulous curled petals. I managed to capture it from several angles.

This one’s back lit with the morning sun. I like the way it shows the translucency of the petals.

One from the side.

from the back. I think this one’s kind of cool.

Close up. Aren’t those petals amazing?

And from up above.

I wish I would have thought to pull back and take a photo of the entire pot, but I didn’t. So I guess I learned something.

I also took some photos in my flower bed. I’m not exactly sure what these purple flowers are called. My Mother-in-law would know. They’re not the most beautiful of plants, but pretty in their own right I guess.
Here are the shots I took of these.

I used the flash on this one which caused the colors to get washed out. But I liked the way it turned out so I kept it.

And a close up view of one of the spikey purple blooms.

This little bee was busily buzzing from flower to flower. And this one makes me giggle because the flower looks like a hairy llama to me. Hee! See that green part? That’s his face chewing on a clump of grass.

And a pulled back version with some of the pretty blue sky showing.

I hope you all are not too bored over my photography posts. Just stick with me. There are some crafty posts sure to come soon. I have one more photography challenge to post before we head into the scrapbooking side of the class. I can’t wait to see what all that will include. If you like you could do these challenges along with me. So far I’ve felt like it’s a great way for me to open my eyes for new photographic opportunities.
Stop back tomorrow for the final photography challenge of this week.

In other news. It’s been scorching hot here the last few days with temps up in the 100’s! The heat is stifling, so we’re spending most of our time indoors. The kids and I did venture out this morning to pick a few wine berries. We’ve got them growing wild along the banks of our creek. We’re trying to get a few before the birds get them all, but I think the birds are winning. Oh well. They deserve a tasty snack too.
One funny incident happened this morning when I spied a particularly juicy looking berry hanging from a branch way back on the bush. I pushed some branches aside and stretched as far as I could reach to get it. Just when I plucked it off the branch I lost my balance and tumbled headlong into the prickly berry bush. Ouch! The kids all stood there wondering if it was OK to laugh or not. They knew I was fine when I giggled and complained that I had squished my prize berry. We headed back to the house after the kids helped pull me out of the bush and I plucked the thorns from my fingers and legs. We’ve been enjoying the few berries we’ve been able to pick. They look like red raspberries, only a little smaller and they taste a little more tart. They’re delicious with yogurt, which is mostly how we’ve been eating them. I only wish we could pick enough to make a batch of jam, but the birds aren’t sharing that many.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate each one of you!

6 thoughts on “Shimelle’s class- day #2

  1. Pat says:

    Brenda, I love your flower photos. You must have been laying on the ground to get some of those shots. I guess my favorite is the very first one – the lighting is great.

  2. LorraineN says:

    Gorgeous photos! Love seeing how the different angle shots of the same flower really bring out different aspects of the flower. The closeups are gorgeous!

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