I wish I could have more hours in my day (don’t we all?).
I wish the warm spring weather we had a few weeks ago would come back quickly.
I wish I wouldn’t get so frustrated with the kids so easily.
I wish my cleaning was done for the week.
I wish my to do list wasn’t so long.
I wish I was better at letting my loved ones know how much they mean to me.
I wish I had an iced mocha right now.
I wish there was no child abuse and neglect in this world.
I wish the goodies I’m expecting to arrive would just hurry up and get here already!
I wish I felt more confident in myself.
I wish the cleaning fairy would visit my house this week. Did I already say that?
I wish I was in a hammock on a tropical island enjoying the ocean breezes.

I wonder what my kids are wishing in these photos. Daddy let them throw pennies into the fountain at the mall. What is it that kids love so much about throwing the coins in the water? I’m not always a fun mommy. Sometimes I let them throw in the coins, but other times I lecture them about wasting money, even pennies. I don’t know what that money in the mall fountain goes toward, but I figure the mall already got enough of my money with out throwing more their way! Hee! Depends on how generous I’m feeling at the moment, I guess.

This is a pretty simple page. I used a Hambly alphabet transparency over the background, then added some stamped and vellum circles, buttons, a few rub-ons and a title and called it done.

What do you wish for today?

10 thoughts on “Wish

  1. carol marbach says:

    i wish my talent was even close to what you have. you are truly an inspiration to me. i love everything you do and am so thankful that i have your blog to look at and ooohh and aaahh over. i also wish that you would accept the award i left for you on my blog. your creations bring sunshine to my days. thank you my sweet friend.
    xox ~ carol.

  2. kolleen seibel says:

    i wish i wasn’t feeling so lonely
    i wish my sisters lived close so i could go thie houses when i ever i want
    i wish a lot of things……. but i right now i wish the girls would take their naps happily:)
    Great page brenda. Keep up ur creative job 🙂 I am always inspired .

  3. Diane says:

    I wish I had your creativity! I love your stuff!! This layout is great. If you ever see that cleaning fairy, I wish that you would send her to my house!!

  4. Karen says:

    Brenda, this is a fabulous layout! I love the photo of your kids looking into the fountain. I wish I got as much scrapping done as you do!

  5. Jeannette Siciliani says:

    What a beautiful post; and I love your layout too! I wish to do better each day to glorify God’s name in all I do. Thanks for the reminder! My children will thank you too, maybe tomorrow I’ll be a little less frustrated! {{smiles}}.

  6. Jill says:

    I wish . . . that you would submit this page to a scrapbooking magazine! There’s just something about it–I would publish it if I were the “picker.” 🙂

  7. diane says:

    i like how you mentioned cleaning twice! 🙂 (that would so be me if i was a mom) i wish everyone could see how beautiful they are. happy weekend. your page has inspired me once again. thank you

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