So, I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Other things have been occupying my time the last few weeks.

But, just when I was about to remedy that.
Just when I thought to myself “this week i’m going to be a better blogger”.
Just when I had a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting to blog about.
Just when I felt my schedule was freeing up a bit more….

My computer went kaplooey on me! We think it may have been getting overloaded with all the photos I’ve been uploading lately. Funny thing is, I was just about to work on my photo files and move lots of them off my computer to an online album. Just to free things up. Guess I wasn’t quick enough. Frustrating yes?

So, I apologize for my absence. It’s not that I don’t want to be here or don’t have anything to share. I’ll be back just as soon as hubs and I can work out the glitches.

You must be brave and carry on without me! I shall return quickly! And, upon my return, shall have all manner of exquisite treasures with which to delight your senses. Well, your visionary faculties, anyway.


One thought on “Kaplooey!

  1. Savitri says:

    Hey, I tried to comment on the dress page but it gave me a missing page error. Is that true? I love the page and wow, lucky kid. Dad’s got good taste 🙂

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