cards with felt

Hi there! It’s a rainy windy Saturday here this morning. I got to sleep in a little and now the kids and I are going to tackle our chores and then spend the afternoon getting crafty!!! Yay! I have lots of stuff I’d like to work on this weekend. I still haven’t done any of my pages for Shimelle’s class, which is wonderful, by the way! Id’ like to remedy that this weekend and catch up before we get our next prompt.

I just wanted to share a few cards with you that I made a while ago. I think I was planning on submitting them for a challenge somewhere and never did. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. Like I said, these cards were made a couple of months ago, so I don’t know who makes all the supplies I used. If you have any questions about any particular item, just ask and I’ll try to find out.

Make a wish.

This is a fun card for a kids birthday. Most likely it will be used for a nephew of mine or for one of my sons’ friends.

A note to say Hi!

I made the flower on this card out of little pieces of felt. The sentiment was printed off my computer.

You make everything bloom.

Here the flower was die cut and the grass was made out of snipped felt.

I love felt. It comes in so many fun colors and the ways to use it are endless. Do you enjoy using felt?

Do you have any crafty plans for the weekend? I hope you get a little time to spend getting creative.

I’ll be back soon to share my pages for Shimelle’s class.


3 thoughts on “cards with felt

  1. kolleen seibel says:

    i have not tried felt . But i am being crafty and getting lots of scrap boooking done . Hoooooray:) I HATE being unbehind i try to
    stay caught as much as possible . So I am slaving away @ my table 🙂 !

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