poll, Etsy, and other stuff

Hey everyone! Have you gotten to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring-like weather yet? It’s been so gorgeous here the last few days. Today the kids were begging to go outside barefoot. Of course, like a good mama, I didn’t let them. Every year at this time they try to push it. Every year I have to explain that it’s still winter and spring is almost here but not quite and that short sleeves will have to do. They’re so anxious to get out and feel the grass between their toes! Me too, for that matter!

So, let’s talk about the Makeover Monday poll. First of all, thank you to every one of you who took the time to take the poll. I really appreciated your input. Really.
The overwhelming majority of you who answered the poll questions voted in favor of keeping Makeover Mondays here at Sweet Paper Treats. There were a couple of you who didn’t care either way, and one who was not familiar with Makeover Monday. The rest of you wanted to keep it, so keep it we shall!
So, my next Makeover Monday post will be scheduled for April 5th.

I wanted to say a special thank you to those of you who left me such sweet comments concerning Makeover Monday. Your comments mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Thanks for your encouragement.
And if you commented about mostly being a lurker and that you felt like you should comment more often. You know what, it’s so OK! I do the exact same thing! If you read lots of blogs like I do it’s impossible to comment on each one. So don’t feel bad. I totally understand. I’ve been trying to get better at that myself. I appreciate all of you taking the time to even read this lil’ ol’ blog of mine even if you never comment! Although a comment every now and then is nice, so that I know I’m not just talking to myself! Hee!
So thanks guys! You’re the best!

Now, if you’re reading this by email or your reader you wouldn’t have noticed, but in my sidebar you’ll now see a link to my brand new Etsy shop!! So exciting! It’s new and tiny right now, but I’m hoping to keep on adding things as I can, so check back often. I’ll be keeping you updated here on my blog of any new stuff I put in the shop too, so you don’t miss anything.

Here are a few items I added today.

Scallop paper flower embellishments in red, yellow and blue.

Also in berry, teal and gray.

And in pastel pink, green and yellow.

I also added these butterfly embellishments in a black and cream color scheme.

These embellishments are perfect for adding to your cards and/or scrapbook pages. Simple, but cute, and all the work is already done for you! All you have to do is peel them off the acetate and stick it to your project.

Anyway, this week is super busy for me. I’m frantically trying to get lots of stuff made for our upcoming crop. I have a scrapbook yard sale coming up this weekend that I need to prepare for. Gonna try to get rid of some stuff I no longer use, so everything needs to be priced and marked with my seller number.

Also, last night Eric reminded me that I need to do my t…….t……ta……. ugghhhh! I can’t bring myself to utter the dreaded word! Starts with a T, rhymes with faxes. I can’t say how much I hate doing them. Hate it!!! And it always comes at what seems to be my busiest time of the year with getting ready for the crop and all. I know, I know. Do it early. That’s just not how I roll. I’m an up to the last minute kind of girl. Especially when it comes to something I don’t enjoy. I need to schedule a day or two next week and get on it before my dear husband has my head. Gonna get it done sooner rather than later. I am!

3 thoughts on “poll, Etsy, and other stuff

  1. kolleen says:

    ohhhhh everything is so adorable …. i want one of each 🙂
    Thanks for dropping my stuff off . I didnt use them . You know i want to use them @ the right time lol . They are so cute 🙂 !! Have a great week !!

  2. crystal says:

    So happy for you that you got that shop up and running. The flowers and butterflies are stunning. Reminds me of the flowers that were in at Lancaster that we saw made of newspaper. Good luck on your taxes! We just finished ours up yesterday;>)

  3. Courtney says:

    Girl you are so funny. I hate doing my SALES TAXES now. It’s awful. And my husband is self employed so ours are a total mess!

    Your etsy items look fabulous. Really cute.

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