confessions of a stash-a-holic!

As part of Shimelle’s upcoming class, Something from Almost Nothing, she challenged us to share photos of our stash with our blog readers and the rest of our fellow class mates.
Oh boy! I know I have a lot of stuff in my stash. That’s part of the reason I’m taking this class. To learn new ways to use up some of the stuff I’ve had for far too long.
Some of the stuff in my stash dates back to my earliest scrapbooking days. Just the other day I was showing my son some stickers that were some of the very first ones I ever bought!!!! I know! crazy! but the cool thing is that they are still good to use and I even still like them. That’s why they’re still in my stash.

So, I’m here to confess that I am a stash-a-holic and I have a lot of stuff.

Stickers, patterned paper, 12×12 card stock and various embellies. Some most of that card stock dates back to my days as a Stampin’ up! demonstrator, which wasn’t that long ago, but I have 12×12 card stock in every color. Now I rarely use any colors but neutrals as the base of my pages, so that is part of the challenge for me. To use up all those colors of card stock.

I just got this huge architect cabinet from a friend of mine (thanks, Deanette!) which is filled with a lot of stuff. Here you can see two of the drawers. One that holds my flowers and one that holds chipboard embellishments. The cabinet has 15 drawers in all, but in my defense, some of those drawers hold tools and my stuff completed to sell and about 5 of those drawers hold my rubber stamp collection.

The bottom of these drawers holds my acrylic paint. this is one part of my stash that I would really like to see used up soon. I have about every color imaginable (142 bottles of the stuff. My kids counted.) from my days as a decorative painter. It’s still good to use and I would really love to get into using it more in my scrapbooking, but 142 bottles goes down so slowly.

My collection of letter stickers hangs on my wall right above me while I scrapbook. Who can resist a gorgeous package of Thickers? Not me. But I had to discipline myself from buying any more until I use up some of the great ones I already have.

So there ya have it. You’ve just seen part of my stash. Notice I refrained from showing any pictures of my desk. that’s because you can’t see it right now anyway. It’s buried under the mountain of current projects.

I am so excited about this class. There are a lot of my favorite scrapbookers scheduled as guest artists. People like Stephanie Howell, Jennifer McGuire, and Tara Anderson, just to name a few. I just know it’s gonna be good and it’s gonna be a fun couple of weeks. You still have time to join in. Find the deets here.

5 thoughts on “confessions of a stash-a-holic!

  1. kolleen says:

    ok i am feeling better already 🙂 !!
    BTW those flowers so wonderful u dropped off. And i just cant decide how i want to use them . Beings i only got 3 and should
    have bought the whole kit and caboodle 🙂 But i am still scrap booking away . I got 10 pages one today and working on my #11 ! So ta-da i need to keep scrap-in!! Maybe i shud do an all nighter by my self 🙂 You inspire me so much not just in scrapin but in ur everyday life . So thanks for being a blessing to me !
    love you ,girl !!!

  2. sharyn says:

    Wow, what an amazing stash! I seriously love how you’ve hung your alphabet stickers! Did you buy something or build that? So inspiring 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you create for class!

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