Cards with transparencies

Good morning everyone! I know it’s been pretty quiet around here this week. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. While I was gone life was happening. I should have put up an announcement. “Attention: This blog will momentarily be interrupted by life. Regular blogging will resume as quickly as possible.”

With growing kids it sometimes seems like cooking and cleaning up are a full time job. Eric’s been gone 2-3 evenings a week, which somehow makes life seem so much busier, even though it hasn’t added to my workload at all. I think it’s just the fact that all the parenting responsibilities falls on my shoulders when he’s away which adds to everything else. The kids are starting to miss their daddy being at home most evenings and we all are looking forward to the day that his classes are over. He passed his first test last night with flying colors, and I’m so proud of him!

I thought I’d share a few cards I’ve made over the past week or two that incorporate transparencies in some way or another. I love working with transparencies in my scrapbooks but often forget about using them on cards. But here are a few ways you can use transparencies in your card making.

Cut out a window and back with a transparency. This one is from Hambly. How fun would it be to write your message on the inside and have it showing a bit behind the transparency? This card was featured on the Cards blog a couple of weeks ago.

Cut out a shape from a transparency sheet and stitch around it. This one is also from Hambly. Hambly rocks in the transparency department. Well, they pretty much rock in every department! Anyway, this green woodgrain print is one of my all time faves.

Make your card base out of an overhead transparency sheet. This is a fun way to make a card that is “clearly” unique. Overhead transparencies can be found at your local office supply store such as Office Max or Staples. These cards are really hard to photograph well. Hence the black background. I wasn’t too keen on that, but it was the only way I could get the transparency to show up. You should have seen how many photos I took of this card!

Do you enjoy using transparencies in your paper crafting?

Have you seen the class that Shimelle is offering? I signed up for it yesterday. I’m excited to get started. If any of you are planning to take the class I hope you’ll let me know so I can say hello in the forums.
This is the first online class I have ever taken. In fact it’s only about the second scrapbook class I have ever taken! Ever! I’m hoping to come away from this class loaded up with lots of great ideas and techniques for using the supplies I already have on hand. This is just what I need. Especially since I’m cutting way back on the amount of new stuff that comes into my scrap room.

The sun is shining so beautifully today!!! The only down side of that is that it shows how filthy my windows are right now. Oh well. I’m thankful for the sunshine anyway. And the family that makes those windows so dirty in the first place!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments and reading my ramblings. I hope your day is lovely!

3 thoughts on “Cards with transparencies

  1. Kelly Jo says:

    wow! Those are beautiful! I especially love the first card. I like everything about it- but especially the polka dot ribbon with the houndstooth- so pretty!

  2. johnbon09 says:

    These cards are beautiful. They would be expensive in a Hallmark store.
    Is this the kind of thing your going to sell?
    Be blessed.

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