Everything But the Kitchen Sink x3

It’s rainy and dreary here today. Unfortunately, the weather is a perfect match for my mood. I’ve been feeling sad and a little cranky all day. And I’m cold and can’t warm up, even though I’m wearing a tank top and two sweaters! The cold is just seeping in, and since the rain is making all the snow melt anyway, I think I’m officially beginning to yearn for spring.
And I keep eating those homemade granola bars I made this morning. I think I ate four. Or is it five? I lost count. And it’s not even PMS, which makes it all the sadder. More sad. All the more sadder! pffft!

Ah, well. Enough griping! there are better days ahead and better things to think about. Like cards. And scrapbook pages. And I have both to share today.

Today’s projects were made with the sketch from Everything but the Kitchen Sink. Why did I make three? I don’t know. Once I started I just kept going and made the second card. And then since I had the sketch in mind I figured I might as well try making a scrapbook page with it too. I love sketches. There are a million and one ways to interpret them!

Card one is a baby card with soft, muted colors. I incorporated the four background squares with faux stitching.

It’s a pretty simple, straightforward design with not a lot of extras. I like the simplicity, especially since it’s for a baby boy. Now I just have to convince one of my friends to have a baby boy so I have someone to give this to!

The second card I made is a bright and cheerful birthday card. It has a lot more layers and certainly a lot more color.

I {heart} these colors! I love aqua with red and pink. So much! The color combo reminds me of a little vintage handkerchief or something. It’s so fun.

Now for the scrapbook page. At first glance you may not think this sketch could be used for scrapbooking. But it can be. You just need to think outside the box a bit, but it can be done. See!

There you have it! One sketch, three very different designs.

Now I’m off to do a little of the housework I’ve been doing such a great job of ignoring. Maybe a little vacuuming and cleaning up clutter will get me all warmed up and feeling chipper. I think I’ll do what friend suggested and play some upbeat music really loud and see how many chores I can get done in the next hour. That should make me feel a little more right with the world.

Hope everything is right as rain in your corner. (Crud, did I just say rain?)

Thanks for stopping by!

13 thoughts on “Everything But the Kitchen Sink x3

  1. Diane says:


    I love your designs but your thoughts and the way you expressed them were so funny!! You brought sunshine to this girl!


    P.S. I never heard you say “crud” before!! LOL

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