better late than never?

We’re snowed in here up to our ears! We just got another 18 plus inches on top of the 18 inches we had previously! This is truly a storm of a lifetime. We’ve been enjoying being snowed in. We’ve been just hanging out and doing a bit of crafting.

The down side is that we’re again having trouble with the gas fumes backing up just like last time. Eric’s working hard to keep the snow cleared away and we’re venting out as much as possible. The levels are not at a point where it’s dangerous to stay here, so we’ll stay put. We’ve turned the heat down so that the heater goes on as little as possible.

I did a bit of crafting today. I figured since my husband had a day off work and the kids had off from school that I would take a day off from my work too. I made a couple of cards and worked on a few items to sell at an upcoming crop I’m helping to organize.

I really hate it when I make a card for a challenge and then realize I’m too late! This card was supposed to be for the Everything But the Kitchen Sink challenge to use box tops. I just noticed the challenge ended yesterday. Bummer! Oh well, I hope you like the card.

The little flowers were made by punching circles from a box top. Then I cut them into a spiral shape and rolled them up to form the flowers. Then I sprayed them with Glimmer Mist and added beads to the centers. I loved the way they turned out.

Here’s a closer look.

And here’s another view. You can still see the printing on the box where the spray didn’t reach.

I think I’ll go bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I’m in the mood for some comfort food! We might get out a few movies to watch too. I think I’ll work on a few more craft projects while the movie is playing. I love being snowed in!!!

Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “better late than never?

  1. andie... says:

    that is a neat idea…i’ll have to check out those challenges, but i miss deadlines too, so dont feel bad! (and that’s without kids!) anyhow, cute card! hope you dont have any more problems with the gas fumes!

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