Ahhh…the sun is brightly shining here today! It’s lovely! Over the last week or so we’ve been having milder weather and it’s almost been giving me spring fever. Almost! I have a lot of winter projects to complete yet before I’m going to allow spring fever to set in.

Today’s pages are some I completed at the last crop I attended. I had a kit made up of supplies I wanted to use with these photos, so while I had all the supplies ready I just went ahead and made a page for each of my sons to save myself the trouble of digging out all the supplies all over again later.

Picking strawberries is a favorite summer activity for the kids and I. It marks the beginning of summer vacation for us since the berries are ready to be picked usually a couple of weeks after school is out for the summer. As soon as we see the local strawberry field open up for pickers we head out and fill buckets full to bring home and make into jam, pie, shortcake and smoothies. One of my favorite ways to eat strawberries besides pie is to toss them into a spinach salad. Heavenly!

Strawberries are one of my kids favorite foods ever, especially my most picky eater. So the kids know that after we get them home and wash them they are allowed to eat all the strawberries they want. And eat them they do!

Oh dear! I do believe I feel a twinge of longing for warm weather seeping in! Must stop thinking about strawberries!!! Has spring fever hit you yet?

4 thoughts on “Strawberries

  1. Savitri says:

    I need to take the kids strawberry picking!! Or picking anything that are eatable really 🙂 LOVE your page. The colors are gorgeous together. So happy and bright!!!

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