Around the House gift wrap challenge

I got some time yesterday to make a few cards for some challenges. One of them is the current Around the house Challenge from Everything But The Kitchen Sink gift wrap challenge.

Most of the gift wrap we have around here is Christmas wrap, but since I’m so over making Christmas cards I had to find something else to use. I found this pretty blue and brown piece lying on my desk and figured it could be used for a lot of different occasions. Since today’s my birthday it seems appropriate to share a birthday card with you.

I have a funny story about this card. First, I kept messing up. Measuring wrong, adhering the gift wrap crooked, etc. When I finally got it the way I wanted it and began to add my machine stitching I noticed that I had SEWN IT SHUT!!! What made it really funny to me was the fact that I had just read this article on the Paper Crafts Connection blog about being OK with the imperfections in our paper crafting. I was just imagining sending my sewn together card to someone. Like “here’s a card, but I have nothing at all to say!” Reserved for those people you’re obligated to be nice to! Hee! Cracked me up!

Here’s a closer view of the infamous stitching.

I will be back tomorrow with more paper crafty stuff and the winner of my Makeover Monday buttons. There’s still time to get your name in if you’d like to win them. Check it out!


12 thoughts on “Around the House gift wrap challenge

  1. Karen B. says:

    Funny story! Thanks for sharing that you sometimes have issues as well with sewing on cards, I am having lots of those. Pretty card too. And I love the stitching!!

  2. Diane says:

    I wish that I knew when I saw you today that it was your birthday! Hope it is very, very happy!! I think that it’s funny about stitching the card shut and I like your theory on who to send it to. (Also, thanks for the coupon you shared with me!!)

  3. Helen F. says:

    Love this paper-it makes a beautiful card ~ even sewn together! I think sending it to someone (with a sense of humor)would be a hoot :o)

  4. Lynnette says:

    So pretty! I love what you did with the challenege. Thanks for playing the EBTKS challenge and be sure to come back on the 15th for the next sketch challenge.

  5. Winter says:

    Happy Birthday! Such a pretty card! I love the pattern! I have sewn projects shut, a couple of times! 🙂 Thanks for playing with us in the challenge!

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