Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe another year has come and gone! Time keeps moving faster and faster all the time!
For us 2009 was a good year and a hard year. It was a year of growth, waiting, wondering, hoping, trusting, seeking, and praying.
As I look back over the year I have to say that I’m glad to leave 2009 behind and move on to a fresh new year full of exciting possibilities.

As far as my paper crafting goes, I’d have to say that 2009 was an exciting year for me as I saw one of my long time dreams become reality. I got several of my cards and a scrapbook page chosen for publication!!! I’m so excited to finally see my work in those publications this year. I’ll let you all know when those publications will be hitting the shelves so you can look for it if you want.

I don’t usually make any New Year’s resolutions. It’s not really my thing. But as I thought of a new year approaching there were a few things that I really wanted to set goals for this year. I decided to document those goals in the form of a mini book so I could keep it close by and remind myself of these goals from time to time. As the weeks and months roll by it’s so easy for me to forget all about the goals I set for myself and, unless I write it down and document it in some way, I all to quickly let my goals slip away until I can’t even remember what they were, much less why I set them in the first place.

I started out with a mini swatch book from 7 Gypsies for my album. I knew I wanted to use lots of white to reflect the idea of a clean slate that I feel a new year brings. I chose to accent the cover and inside pages with scraps of patterned paper in some of my favorite colors because I want this album to make me happy to pick up and look at .

Since the album is small I chose to feature one goal per page. The right documents the goal and the the facing left page gives a little more in depth look at why I set each particular goal and a few ideas for reaching that goal.

Here’s a glimpse of the interior pages. I’m just using thumbnails for these photos to save space. To see any of them close up just click on the photo.

Along with these goals I’m setting for this year, I also decided to do the Word of the Year idea. The word I chose for this year is “Excellence” or “Excellent”. I wanted 2010 to be the year that I focus on excellence in all areas of my life. In my spiritual life, my personal relationships, health, and my crafting, I want to strive to make the choice that is the more excellent one. I want to reach higher and push myself further. I want to give it all I got, be the best I can be, and do the best I can do in all areas. No mediocrity.

I know God wants me to reach my full potential. I fully believe that He meant for no one to live a mediocre life. Jesus came that we might have life and that we might have it more abundantly. So, I’m not relying on myself to reach this excellence. I can’t do it in my own weakness. I’m depending on God to help me be excellent this year and to reach these goals that I have defined in my book of goals.

Sorry to get so deep on you. I guess I’ve had deeper things on my mind the last few days as I thought of how I wanted to approach a brand new year.

I’d love to hear about any of your New Year’s resolutions or goals you’ve made. What are your plans for 2010? Do you have any exciting things on your horizon?

I hope you all have a fabulous year filled with happiness and wonderful moments. I look forward to sharing so much more here this year and hope you all will keep coming back because I love to have you visit. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. CK says:

    Ooh, this is so interesting, making resolutions is just not me, but now you made me feel like trying to set resolutions… Can I scraplift your idea in this mini resolution album? I love your fabulous idea of having it in a mini album manner to serve as a reminder from time to time…

  2. Billie says:

    Great post. Thanks for the inspiration. I don’t do official, announced resolutions either, but I’ve been tossing around some ideas and thoughts about ways to make some changes this year and ways to journal them. I love your mini book. I’m thinking along the lines of an art journal, but I love the idea of having those “one word” words as a roadmap. I had read posts over the last week about having a word for the year and had been considering that as well. I think I’ll gather some things together and get going on it before Monday comes around and it’s too easy to fall back into the patterns of life.
    Thanks again for the inspiration.

  3. Marla says:

    This is an absolutely wonderful idea! I need something “in my face” to remember my goals…as I have already made them, but will forget them by mid-January! Jesus deserves so much more of my life than I am giving him! Thank you so much!

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