O’ Christmas Tree

Hi there, friends. I hope these last few days leading up to Christmas are relatively stress free for you.

I just have to send out a few cards and finish up some shopping. I feel very stress free this year. Probably because I gave myself a lot less to do than I normally do. My Christmas card list got drastically pared down this year since I didn’t mass produce any of my cards. It will be mostly family and a few close friends who will be getting a card from us this year, and that’s OK. Maybe next year will be different, who knows. So, if you normally receive a card from us and you don’t this year. Never fear. It doesn’t mean we no longer like you. It just means I’m giving myself a little break this year.

Now on to today’s project. It’s one I made a couple of weeks ago to add to my Christmas decor. Each year I make a tree of some sort to add to my small, but growing collection. This is the fourth or fifth year I’ve been making a Holiday tree and each year the tree has been made from a different material. This year’s tree was inspired by one made by Layle Koncar that appeared in the latest Paper Crafts Holiday Cards & More. Hers was made in a black, white, red and green color scheme which was really beautiful.

This year’s tree is made from paper scraps. Take a look.

I started out with a styrofoam cone. Paper mache would probably work better, but I wasn’t able to find any. If anyone knows where to get them , please let me know. I might have a need for some in the future.

First off I selected some paper from my stash of scraps in the color scheme I was looking for that I thought worked well together. Then I cut them in random rectangle and square shapes. When I had enough I simply began gluing them onto the styrofoam using craft glue. Here’s where I think paper mache would work so much better because I had a hard time getting some of the paper to stick to the styrofoam.

Once I had the entire tree covered in paper pieces I glued on some buttons here and there to dress it up. Chloe helped with this part.

I love the way it turned out and i love how it looks grouped with my little collection of trees.

This would be my fifth tree. I made one last year out of an old magazine, but it didn’t store well. I have enough ideas to keep me going with the tree a year idea to last for at least three more years. Maybe you have some ideas for what kinds of items could be used for making a tree. I’d love to hear about it.

Have an awesome day!

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