It’s my baby girl’s favorite color. Aqua, actually. This morning I was busy preparing breakfast when I heard her bedroom door open, but she didn’t come out to the kitchen like she usually does. She was in the laundry room rooting through the clothes in the dryer. A while later she made her appearance wearing her favorite aqua blue t-shirt with the pink ice cream cones (from said dryer), layered on top of a long sleeve aqua blue t-shirt. She had paired that with an aqua blue ruffly skirt.
She’s totally into layering these days and comes up with the funniest outfits sometimes. I usually let her keep them on unless we’re going somewhere. Even then I sometimes let her wear her outfits as long as she doesn’t look too ridiculous.
I persuaded her to put on a pair of socks and some cute pink leg warmers. She added a few pieces of her dress up jewelry and the outfit is complete.
She’s adorable and I love her to pieces!

It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve participated in any challenges. It’s only been a week or two, but I feel out of the loop. When I don’t get a chance to participate in my favorite challenges I really miss it!
Speaking of favorite challenges, the one over at Embellish is such a fun one.
Here’s the photo. See for yourself.

The challenge is to use all four colors and brads. Here’s the card I came up with.

Lots of embossing on this one. stamps are Hampton Arts (sentiment) and Stampin’ Up! (petals). A few brads and some embossed dots complete this one. Hope you like. The colors in this challenge would be great for a kids scrapbook page or a baby boy card, I think. Such fun, spunky, primary colors.

Oh, and Chloe? Right now she’s wearing her brother’s much too big roller blades attempting to skate around in the living room. She’s safety conscious because got a helmet on, but it’s backwards with the pointy end at her forehead. She looks alienish.
Pretty soon she’ll tire of that and move on to something else. I spend my days keeping up with her. She’s such a fun little person (most of the time) to spend my days with. Gotta go now and dress up some dolls for her.

Hope your day is wonderful!

10 thoughts on “Blue

  1. carol marbach says:

    ver cute.

    i’m hoping you’re taking pictures of all these fun chloe moments.

    i remember my kids dressing themselves. i loved it and they wore the outfits all day. . . the start of their individuality.


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