He {hearts} his books


Good Monday morning to you all. I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Ours was sort of relaxing if you don’t count teaching a Sunday School class full of about 17 two and three year olds! My husband and I teach together and there just happened to be more kids than usual this time. There were about four kids crying all at once at one point. I had two kids in my lap. One crying and one that wouldn’t let me put her down when a third came up to me saying she had to go potty! Augghhh! Eric and I just kind of looked at each other helplessly and laughed.
We really do love our Sunday School kids. When their little faces light up in a great big grin when they see us. And when they eagerly show us a medal they won. Or when they intently tell us a story about something that happened that week. Or when you see one of them giving another a hug in an attempt to cheer him/her up. They are so cute and sweet and so special and we just pray that we would somehow be able to show them God’s love in the small amount of time we get to interact with them.


I have a scrapbook page to show you today that I was able to get done at the crop on Saturday. It was not a highly productive day for me, but I was glad to get accomplished what I did.


Photo of my Nathaniel the bookworm.
I don’t know who makes the patterned paper I used here. I just pulled a few pieces out of my scrap box for this layout. The tag is making Memories. Pink Paislee letter stickers. Book plates from Stampin’ Up! and some die cuts that I would check out for you, but my stuff is still out in the car and I’m too lazy to go get it and look right at the moment.

My kids have a day off from school today. They’ve been getting on each others nerves (and mine) all morning long. I think it’s time we head out to the library. Maybe that will help everyone’s state of mind. At least they know they have to be quiet there :).

I’ll catch up with you later. I hope you all have a fab Monday!

3 thoughts on “He {hearts} his books

  1. kolleen seibel says:

    ur so funny girl 🙂 ! Loved it wishing always had great ideas like you. I do believe brain is fried for scrap booking for al little . Besides holiday’s are coming and i need tobe thinking about all that. 🙂 I was thinking o f making christmas cards . Hmmmm I should soon decide HAHHA:) Have a greatttt week !

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